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Wow... very good additions to the streamling list... let's hope they are able to ink more deals like this!!


While I appreciate the CBS stuff, I could do without the Disney Channel kids' junk. It's awful. What happened to Disney MOVIES? I'd like more feature films on my Roku, dammit.

Ann Onymous

Oh god, Hannah Montana and suite life of Zach and Chodey? Just shoot me now


Just saw the CSI episodes were up already. Very quick turnaround.

One difference between this Netflix capability and VOD from Comcast is that Comcast offers these shows in HD.

Dr. Quasius

The Jericho episodes are up as well. They are still doing the thing with the missing episodes though. The the Season 2 series finale is missing.



I saw that too. I can't stand that about some WI TV series.


streaming Star Trek rules.


Oh brother. I asked Netflix if they could change my due date for payments from the 24th of the month, to the 7th of the month.

"Why sure we can do that!" We'll just cancel your account, and call us back in 2 weeks!"

Unreal -- and: "Oh please return any DVD's you have outstanding."

No company is this bad at "customer service!"




I used to work for the NF call center which is outside of Portland, OR. What customers dont realize when they call in is that we ask for the email or 6 digit code to pull up the acct on the website (we have a backdoor). ALL changes made to ANY account were done thought the website Your Account section. This is includes credit cards, address changes, plan changes, emails, and even resetting the password. The other program used is just to take notes on the call and issue a refund if needed.

Unfortunately there is no way to change a billing date in the system since it bills in advance. When you cancel an account, your queue is saved for up to 2 years and you can re-activate the account by signing in as your normally would (there will be a big restart button). The day you restart the account is the day you will be billed each month going forward.

Yeah, I know it sounds weird that we couldn't just change it to any date, but the system is kinda finicky and hates changes. Plus, its a rare thing that people need to change the billing date when they call (its usually lost discs or CC change). The reason they told you to send the movies back was because even though you are going to restart, the system doesn't know that and thinks the dvds at home are still outstanding so there is a chance it could automatically bill you for the dvds before you restart. The dvd charge is fully refundable, but it sounds like the rep was just trying to save you the trouble of getting billed $20 per disc.

Also, if a movie is processing, there is no way to stop it. People always thought I was lying but its an automated system that sends discs and they are picked and packaged in random order.

What I'm trying to say here is that even though Netflix is high tech operating on the internet, a lot of the back-end software isn't as fancy as you may think.


I also have 3 codes nobody has used yet.

They are:





It appears that Heroes: Season 3 is now added to that list. Which begs to ask, is this an NBC deal, or Universal. If it's a Univeral Studios deal, shouldn't House M.D. be quick to follow?

Jax Maxton

I hope this is just the beginning. I love watching TV shows online, and getting them on the Roku is like having another On Demand box. Keep these deal coming!


it's an NBC deal...they signed a deal with NBC I would say either last year or sometime earlier this year but it's been there for a while.

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