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It's funny. Since switching to Mac from a crippled Windows laptop, the ONLY thing I've missed that Windows has is Netflix Instant Watch. It will be good to have it back. Mac + Roku Player = No time lost watching movies :)


But why is NetFlix continuing to use software that completely dis-enfranchises the deaf/hard-of-hearing community, by stripping off the closed captioning? Even the roku boxes DO NOT pass on Captioning.

Captioning is a function of the TV set -- not the stream.



It's about damn time. The demo from May 2007 looked great. I'd be interested to know why it's taken so long to get to this point for us Mac users.


Windows update today is for Sliverlight. Coincidence? I hope not! Netflix shows on my MB Pro this weekend? I hope so!

I agree with Wayno, give us access to the closed captioning. Us old folk don't understand all the fast talking going on in some shows and movies nowadays and the closed captioning helps a great deal.

Michael T.

Throw in another agreement that Netflix needs either subtitles or closed captioning on their Watch Instantly streams.


Wayno, when/if they switch to Silverlight it's compatibility for Captioning is 10 fold better than that of Windows Media Player. THe issue in the past with subtitles and CC is that to DO that ever single title (with 4 different quality streams each) would need to be re-encoding with the subtitles pasted on top, so lower quality videos would be hard to read, if not impossible.

But will silverlight you have the ability to do Overlays, like having a stick figure on a piece of paper then putting a clear sheet over it that had clothes for it, it wouldn't require major downtime or a whole lot of man power to do this or manage it. I personally believe that in the near future CC options in Netflix Movies is very likely, but we must be patient. Afterall it's a free service, no one makes these demands to Linux because it's free. Same should apply to the Netflix Movie Viewer.


Cupertino Jay

Silverlight does nothing for those of us who's powerPC Macs are neither intel compatible nor running windows, ie - home computers bought for 3 years ago, darnit.

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