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You would think with a declining a subscriber base and a bleak future due to the economy they would take a break on throttling. Twice in about the last 2 months and it looks like I am going to get it again, 4 movies available, 3 queues spots open and nothing being processed.

Dr. Quasius

I would think that a bad economy would be good news for Netflix. Far more people staying home and looking for cheap entertainment. Evidently not.

Jeff R.

People losing jobs = People cutting expenses

While cheap forms of entertainment are usually sought out during tight times, current subscribers may be dropping subscriptions altogether in order to pay for more important things... like light.


To nospam, when a title is showing available in the queue that doesn't mean it is available in your hub for processing that day. I'm betting you received a message about those titles shipping tomorrow from another hub.


That isn't what I meant. I have three open slots. The top 5 slots in my queue were movies releasing this weekend. I make my queues up ahead of time, so it isn't like I am adding them at the last minute and expected fast action. Out of those 5 movies, none were shipped to me. Not 1. It is about 3rd time this has happened in the past couple months. So now all 5 movies are listed as very long wait. So scratch another week of nothing.

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