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I've been renting Blu-rays since January. Netflix seems to get most of the new Blu-rays I want on the day of release, or slightly later. I think the one-dollar Blu-ray surcharge is quite fair, if you have an unlimited plan.


I'm just a few weeks away from dropping Netflix, to be honest. It's been a long time coming but frankly, I'm fed up with Netflix randomly skipping over the movies at the top of my queue. I've been a member since late 2005 and the lack of available blu-ray titles is a deal-breaker for me. I rarely watch standard DVD any more and the top 7-9 movies in my queue have had "Very Long Wait" for weeks now (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Dark City Director's Cut, The Happening).

I've come to the conclusion that currently Netflix simply cannot keep up with the sheer demand of blu-ray titles. I have downgraded my plan and I have decided to give Netflix a few more months to see if availability improves. Such a shame. Netflix is great if you're a standard DVD watcher but any blu-ray fans will surely be let down in my personal opinion. Only time will tell.

I'm optimistic that availability will improve with the imposition of new prices. I have my fingers crossed.


I have been renting Blu-rays since they were available (I also rented HD-DVD when it was available). I have had some of the problems that the Josh-post mentioned but I still have at least one of three titles in Blu-ray every week.

While I agree that I would like better availability, I have been overall satisfied with it.


I have virtually no problem receiving the Blu-Ray titles, but then again, I do not move new releases to the top of my queue. If you like new releases (Blu-Ray or otherwise) Netflix may not be your best option. Blu-Ray + New releases is the double-whammy which neither online nor brick/mortar stores can keep up with.


Frankly I'm stunned every time that people complain about Blu-Ray availability. I've had a Blu-Ray player for a few weeks now and I've already received two of the movies that Josh identified (Forgetting sarah Marshall and The Happening) in Blu-Ray. I also got the Incredible Hulk in Blu-Ray today, received all of pushing Daisies on Blu-Ray, and got a handful of other movies (the Departed, No Country for Old Men).

If I can get 7-8 Blu-Ray discs in 3 weeks and many of them are new releases then frankly I don't see the problem.


I had one problem with Netflix when I first joined in 2000. I worked with customer service and I have never had another issue. I always receive the movie I want, when I want it (but then again, I'm not renting movies like Zohan, not that there is anything wrong with that). I have a mixture of Blu-Ray and standard DVD in my account and currently I have 2 standard and 1 Blu-Ray title at home. My next title is Blu-Ray and is No Country for Old Men, expected delivery tomorrow. They received my movie that I sent on Monday, today, so I don't see any problems with Netflix.


I've been in the Hi-Def NF rental game since the get go, almost 2 years now. Used to be Blu-ray and HD-DVD titles were hard to rent, however, since HD-DVD format bit the dust, Blu-ray titles have now become very available. I've been getting about 80% of Blu-ray new release titles in my queue on the Tuesday they come out. Catalog Blu-ray titles seem to be always available. No complaints on my part and the $1/month extra fee is "noise" to me.

Smart choice to get a PS3 as the player (I actually have 2) - I still think it's the best overall DVD player available for Blu-ray and upscaling standard DVDs.


As a brand new BD customer, you do not qualify for NF's throttling program as of yet. Be assured, however, that NF will get around to servicing your account. Sooner rather than later!


It's strange how some people have trouble getting Blu-Ray titles and others don't. I've had most of my requests sent, but I've only requested a few so far.

Something is very wrong when one person has a Blu-Ray sitting for weeks at the top of their queue, and another person adds the same movie and gets it right away. What causes this? Is it dependent on the location of your shipping center? Or how new of a customer you are?


"What causes this?"

It has litle to do with the shipping center. It is called the Netflix Allocation Algorithm.


My guess is that one person rents more titles per month and is therefore less profitable for Netflix and less likely to get a finite number of disks. The high volume renter starts and stays at the bottom of the list until all of the other lower-volume renters have been fulfilled.


I think the NetFlix shipping system is too complex to be able to state a simple explanation. New customers often seem to get good service, but so do a lot of long time customers. You can't say only new customers get good service. Similarly, light users often seem to get good service, but so do a lot of heavy users, so you can't say only light users get good service.

I think the location of your shipping center has a lot to do with it (indirectly). If you live in an area with average heavy usage, there's going to be less to go around. If your area also includes average high demand for new releases/BD disks, it'll be even worse.

Jason Kethan

Long-term and "enthusiastic" customers (like myself, who watch and talk about movies all the time) seem to get shafted... Netflix is still concentrating on building their subscriber base instead of making their current customers happy. It's a shame.


For me, netflix and blu-ray equal one phrase: "Very Long Wait"... i'm thrilled I get to pay a $1 surcharge for that.


Is there anything better out there that is more consistent?


The idea that I'm only getting good service because I'm a "light user" or must be new is clearly erroneous.

I'm on the 4 out plan and turn all my spots at least once a week. As a result I'm paying no more than about $1.60 per rental and that's assuming everything in Netflix's favor.

I've also lived in three different cities (Nashville, Phoenix, San Francisco) in the 2+ years I've been with Netflix and had no change in the service quality from location to location. Sometimes I wonder if the people who are on here and constantly saying they're quitting service and that Netflix has bad availability are BB sales staff members.


Another point. Since I'm one of the few people in the country right now that has the LG BD300 I'm a very heavy user of the Watch Now service. Between moving my discs in and out pretty efficiently and being a heavy user of Watch Now I'd think that I've got to be close to non-profitable for the company. Funny that I don't have availability or "throttling" problems.

chris p

Personally i didnt like the blu-ray rentals that much, i didnt like the selection and wait that came with each blu-ray selection and the extra surcharge they tapped on top of it was enough to have me remove my blu-ray access.

Hunter McDaniel

gir says "If you live in an area with average heavy usage, there's going to be less to go around"

I really don't think so. If you live in Atlanta and the disc you want isn't available at your local distribution center but is available in Kansas City, then it gets shipped to you from Kansas City. When you return the disc it goes back to Atlanta - thus increasing the stock circulating for the Atlanta area and decreasing it for the Kansas City area.

When a new disc comes out Netflix has to make a guess as to how many copies to stock each distribution center with. But even if they get that wrong, the natural process of shipments and returns described above will quickly even it out.


I think for a half million dollars the Blu-ray group should get some stock options mail to us...


Ive been waiting for Kill Bill Vol 1 blu ray for a month. Its been first on my que, until a couple of days ago. They all of a sudden marked it as "unavailable" what the hell?!?! I want to see if the blu ray is worth buying. I dont mind paying the extra fee. but I dont want to see any more of this not available crap. especially for a movie that will get alot of views.


I tend to think much of the complainst of long-time members getting shafter are examples of Base Rate Fallacy. Those who have been around longer are more likely to have experienced a "slow period", regardless of whether those periods affect new and old users alike, and people are just more likely to remember the slow periods.


It isn't the "base Rate Fallacy", that same excuse was made when Netlfix first started throttling people. It is an applied throttle, we all know that now, it was finally acknowledged during the civil suit despite claims like that of "shatteredarm."


An article in today's WSJ about retailers slashing BD players for the holiday sales season quoted the current estimate of Blu-ray Devices in US Homes to be 6.5 million, the vast majority of those to be PS3 machines.
I seem to remember a Sony brag about the DVD adoption over VHS in the US due to market penetration of PS2.
Keeping Score: At least 1/13th of the Blu-ray homes are Netflix members.


I'm pretty sure Blu-Ray releases are heavily throttled. I have a huge list of Blu-Rays in my queue and I seldom have trouble getting them, but since I am slow to watch movies (1 or 2 or month on average) that probably has a lot to do with it.

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