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How would the person buying the code know that it was a gift subscription, if they are randomly buying it off eBay?

I guess it's best to not buy codes off of the internet in general... too many things can go wrong.


Yeah. Buying gift subscriptions, gift cards, or anything along those lines on eBay or Craigslist is just a flat out BAD IDEA.



Of COURSE they dont want you to buy what they gave away for free. They want PAYing customers.

That said, it should not be illegal for someone to buy or sell them unless there was fraud involved.


One cannot expect Netlix to intervene and do anything but cancel if payment is not made or if payment is canceled -- but they are full of whoey implying they have a leg to stand on if they voided a paid subscription that had been transferred to another party, no matter what is in their TOS.

So Netflix can discourage it and renounce responsibility for one purchased with stolen cards, but they can't void paid ones.



I think you're thinking of special codes for free trials. Netflix doesn't give away gift subscription codes for free (unless it's a special event I guess). Otherwise, customer's pay for those in advance.


Uh BB, if it's in the TOS and you sign up that means you accept the TOS, so yes.. if they wanted to they could void paid ones. If they can prove it than they can do it. I doubt they really would need to, if it's been paid for there shouldn't be a problem, if you buy it off a 3 party site, then end up finding your account cancelled because the original purchaser did a chargeback on the Credit Card after selling it to you then thats not Netflix's fault, and they got their money taken back, if you want Your money back you need to get ahold of the dupe that sold it to you, not Netflix. It's not their concern, you voided the TOS and they have that in place to protect themselves and customers as much as possible. Break the rules and face the results..



Right to Terminate
We reserve the right to terminate or restrict your use of our service, without notice, for any or no reason whatsoever.



Ive bought TWO ome year subscriptions and in both cases the seller had sold a number of them. Neither were cancelled by NF which indicates they were not stolen.

The one seller told me he had won it as a door prize but years ago they were a number of sellers that said they won them in sweepstakes or whatever.

My point being, historically, if you buy from someone with a good feedback over an extended period of time then chances are you arent being ripped off.

On the other hand if you buy from a new seller with little or no feedback then there is reason for concern.

Im 99% positive the ones I won were "promotional" rather than outright purchased and then sold for less on ebay at a big loss.

I have often wondered why NF doesnt offer some kind of incentive or discount for those buying a year in advance.

Given how much they spend to attract new users it only makes sense. And, theres zero chance someone will cancel or go to BB if they paid for a year in advance.

One difference that I did notice from the 2 different years that I bought via ebay. The first one allowed me to upgrade by paying the difference between the 3 at a time and the 4 at a time plan. The second one would not and even the NF reps could not and would not allow me to pay the difference to upgrade.

I had heard of someone getting ripped off before I bought my 2nd year but I was careful and wouldnt buy from a new seller even if the price was a good bit less.

Im a smart shopper and try to save money non most purcahses. Ive bought a number of things off ebay to save money.

Eyedrops, supplements.razor blade refills and so forth that I can routinely get for 50-60% of walmart or Sams prices and I dont have to pay tax.

A lot of people dont think twice about the money they spend for things that they buy regularly and they could save by buying 6-12 months worth in advance.


Adam, how would you feel if they cancelled you 2 days into the month because its their right under the TOS ? They "reserve" the right as you note. But, its not right for NF to cancel someone just because that person exchanged it for something of value in this case, money via ebay.

I totally understand if NF sold someone 30 1 year GCs that turn out to be paid for with fraudulent CCs. But, one would think they would not sell that money without at least talking to someone to verify whats going on.

If I was going to buy a bunch to give to emplyoyees or whatever, I would expect a discount.

Before getting a DVD player, I would buy prepaid movie gallery rentals. They often had "deals" for buying them in advance at the store and I also found an ebay seller way back when. As I recall I was paying in the 75 cents to $1.10 range.

But, now Im spoiled. I love not having to go to and return movies. But, it doesnt mean I like paying full price.

lucy Wilson

I received a gift certificate for Christmas but have been unable to access the site to register. Lucy Wilson

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