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Who's account is enabled for Mac streaming? Mine isn't.
I called Netflix Instant Watch support, the rep said they don't have much info on it, just what little has 'trickled-down'.


If I don't get it 'til year-end, that means I have two months left to breathe fresh air...


I wonder if they'll also migrate Roku to the new system. FF/RW on Roku is in desperate need of improvement.

Roku could use chapter points too, but with no dedicated skip buttons on the remote I'm not holding my breath.


Will we use Safari or Firefox (or both I hope)on our Macs?


I wonder if the "all customers" includes us Linux folk.



Roku's it's own company, I doubt they'll be doing any updates just because netflix is, they don't interact at all. the Watch Instant software on the Roku isn't whats being used on the PC/Mac side.


Silverlight's a plug-in, like Flash. So it's Browser Independant, so Yes. Firefox, Chrome, or IE, whatever.

Everyone else, cuz i know the posts are coming.

Linux is working with MS (Novell) toward a Linux version of silverlight called Moon light) that currently is in beta, it supports Silverlight 1.0 and hopefully in the coming months it will fully support silverlight 2.0 and thenyou can be rocking out your MythBuntu with some Netflix Features.
MoonLight -


Now what will the MAC users complain about? Linux users your queue!


Any Mac users have it yet? (not here).


Mac user's aren't in beta tests yet. Only PC is because they are checking for possible issues. and it's only new customers not current customers being placed into the test, and no, you cannot call and be placed into the beta (Already Tried... =( )

Tech is stating the within a week or so Mac users should be drifted all over to "silverlight playable"

nipsey russell




A PS3 version of Silverlight seems highly unlikely. However, IF Moonlight catches up to Silverlight 2.0, and IF Netflix enables Moonlight support, and IF the PS3 has enough power under its limited Linux mode to run videos, then maybe there will be a kind of PS3 support.

nipsey russell

CopaceticOpus must be latin for bearer of bad news. Nipsey not like CopaceticOpus's post, it make him very very sad.
very sad


I highly doubt that Sony will enable Netflix to send content to PS3s. Same reason apple didn't license their DRM. Sony has been talking about doing their own streaming thing.


Reed Hastings (CEO of Netflix) stated he wanted it on All Next gen consoles by 2009's end. Xbox360 was is just the first because he is on the board of Microsoft. Personally I think it will go to the Wii next, "Netflix Channel" I'm sure it won't be difficult.

And getting it working on a PS3 doesn't sound to difficult people already using a CD you can burn to try and get it working, but that causes ALOT of issues. But it's a step.


So does this mean I can watch streaming video on my XP Media Center 2004 again? Netflix unceremoniously yanked my ability to do this when it started requiring WMP 11, which Microsoft has decided cannot be installed on Media Center PCs earlier than 2005. I'm assuming that Silverlight plays with pretty much any (Intel) hardware, so I'm hopeful. Does anyone have a hard answer on this?


Have you tried looking at the system requirements for silverlight?


Silverlight? Ugh...


Netflix needs to use good technology. No proprietary MS crap that'll be unsupported for the Mac in a few years.


Don't blame Netflix, blame the industry and all of the high powered lawyers. The studios force the use of DRM and you have iTunes and you have Microsoft content protection schemes, otherwise the studios will not provide the content.

I am just glad a multi-OS solution is (almost) out finally.


"No proprietary MS crap that'll be unsupported for the Mac in a few years."

NetFlix will be using this for temporary rentals, not permanent licenses. It doesn't matter if it remains supported. It only matters that it work today.


It annoys me to no end when people ignorantly complain about "proprietary DRM" for RENTAL and STREAMING services. Yes, we get it. Nobody wants to PURCHASE a song or movie that has DRM on it. But Netflix doesn't sell digital copies of movies for purchase. This is strictly an on-demand service, similar to Pay Per View from your cable company. Of course it's going to have copy protection on it.

Chronic Complainer

I think Netflix should just provide all of it's services free of charge on all platforms with no DRM.

Till then, I'm not getting enough value for my money.


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