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you forgot "Hank & Mike"! pissed off men in bunny suits! top of me queue!


Great another week where Netflix ships me nothing. That makes 3 out of the last four. Anyone else having this problem.

There response was high demand so I added a new release with low demand that I would bet most people never heard of, which surprising does not appear in your list. Yet, nothing, just a very long wait again. I have a queue full of these movies in very long waits. What am I paying $18 a month for again.


Tinkerbell, American Girl, And Cathouse All IN ONE WEEEK!!!! YES!



100,000+ titles and you can't find something to watch? If you want guaranteed new releases, go to the rental store and pay your $4 per disc.


Why? I have gotten new releases every Tuesday for 4 years. You choose to watch other movies, I watch new releases. $4 per disc, must be nice where I live it is closer to $7.

It's been reported here before that when Netflix needs to prioritize who gets new release discs on a given day, priority goes to 1) customers who don't use their accounts heavily and 2) customers who have rented fewer new releases in the past.

Netflix, just like any other rental outfit, needs to strike a balance between buying enough discs to satisfy the heavy initial demand and not having a glut of excess discs after that demand subsides. They can and do sell off used discs, but given the current economy it wouldn't surprise me if Netflix started buying fewer discs at the front end to save some costs. But I'm purely speculating here.

I've had a few "lesser" new releases which stayed on Short Wait for a few days after the alleged release date. Again, just speculating, but maybe Netflix simply didn't/couldn't get those discs to the centers on Tuesday?

Fortunately, my consumption of new releases is fairly low and my queue is relatively free of mainstream Hollywood fare.

Not questioning your tastes, nospam, but surely you can find *something* to stick in your queue to tide you over until you get those new release discs in?


I am sure I can find something, and I understand the prioritizing and have not had a problem in the past when it has happened. But to have happened for 3 out of the last 4 weeks is what I have an issue with.


It's so funny when someone gets criticized for a bit of complaining about getting some new or semi-new movies. If I don't get a new movie on the day it comes out, I know I'll wait a long, long time before I get it. It becomes maddening.

I've noticed lately that movies that were marked available "now" have been mysteriously become "short wait" when I return a movie and have some low demand rental further down the list. It happened again today when "Deception" suddenly become "short wait", and they sent another movie in a tv series from 1991 which was far down the list.

Yes, it's nice to be able to get obscure titles, but paying $18 a month for movies that I settle for, instead of what I really want is becoming old fast.


Then go to Blockbuster....no use complaining here.


I've found that the non-popular new releases are the most difficult to get. Maybe they don't spread the limited quantity they buy around the country well enough. Maybe they don't have enough data to tell the difference between unpopular and modestly popular titles so they buy small amounts.

If you want new releases, you are best of selecting the most popular titles because Netflix will have a large amount of copies (unless it is a "Blockbuster Exclusive" title).


I have to complain here since Netflix is giving me the oh well answers, after I added a sci-fi series that has all four discs available now and none have shipped for two days.

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