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Can't wait!

Dr J

Looks sweet. Can't wait for the launch on the 19th. I hope Roku adds Hulu support or something else, otherwise my Roku is just going to start collecting dust now.


Without HDMI or HDMI capable of HDCP your HD will be downgraded to 480p. At least that is the theory.

Lamarr Wilson

It looks freakin great. That, combined with Tivo getting Netflix, gives me a lot more options for movies and how I want to watch them.

Sean LaFianza

check this out:


I've been checking the error messages for 'watch instantly', expecting them to eventually change when they added mac compatibility. the above link is an opt-in link to the mac beta and it gets you in ALL THE WAY up to buffering the movie and then it gives an error code... SO CLOSE! I guess when it starts to buffer is when it validates your username, even though the rest of the website appears that you have access to 'watch instantly' on the mac.

oh well.

Sean LaFianza

CORRECTION! I got it to work!!! I had to restart firefox... So you can force your way into the mac beta!


Sean LaFianza you don't know how happy you just made. Worked like a charm for me.


Guys, you're not forcing your way into anything. You're opting in, which Netflix just enabled. It's in their blog, and been there for a little while now... ;)

Thanks for the link to the BETA...

I have had DRM problems with the PC version since it doesn't seem to like my DVI connection. The fact that this now works like all the other sites is a lot better, and no DRM issues.

But I haven't been using the PC version since buying the ROKU anyway. Nice to know I now have the option.



Does anyone know if the streaming movies (SD and/or HD) over XBOX Live will have 5.1 surround sound audio as well?

Kirk Winkelman

How is this interface "much richer in both appearence and functionality" than the Roku?

The only significant difference I can see is that the covers of DVDs are in CoverFlowish instead of a flat list. The other difference seems to be the OSD for seek and control of playback. You don't need an onscreen control menu for the Roku because you have a remote control with all of the functions as physical buttons.

What a load of [email protected]#! Can you believe Microsoft? Let's see. How can we screw people over....I know, let's charge them for something they already pay for!
That's right folks. Microsoft requires you to purchase a gold membership just so you can stream content from your paid Netflix subscription. How many idiots are going to buy into this scam?
I'll wait for the Netflix HD content to be available from a set top box, like Roku or Samsung. I'm sure it won't be far behind.


No closed captioning? Expect to be sued for ADA violations.


As was already mentioned, this looks very similar to the Roku box, except with more annoying sounds and less intuitive controls. Don't get me wrong, this looks very cool if you already have a 360, but I'll gladly keep my Roku box, thank you very much.


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It's a bit strange that the actual resolution is lower than it should be even though all components seem to consider it HD

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