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I have a couple of questions concering the new pairing with xbox live. now since i have netflix does that mean i can watch movies on my xbox through xbox live? also will there be more of a charge? will i be able to download my netflix movies on my xbox?


You have to pay for a Xbox Live gold membership ($8 a month, or $45 for a year) and you'll only be streaming, no downloading and saving on the xbox.

I've also noticed the Xbox live subscription cards in stores are starting to come with Netflix trials as well.

I think that guy needs to read better. It's 48 hours of Xbox Live Gold (yawn), not of Netflix (unless you already have Netflix and don't the Gold pass).


i bought an xbox360 game its not used and the 48 hour is not working and i typed in the code right and i went to redeem code why isnt the 48 hour working?

leonard padron

some lucky person got ur code sorry

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