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Matthew Watts

I can't get it to work on Mac. I have the right hardware, but it is broken.

When I try to start a movie (Silverlight successfully installed) I see this: Error Code 810 2157. I am not over my computer limit or anything, and of course I am signed into Netflix.



I left out the first part of the error code where it says "Sign in details are invalid, please try signing in again on Netflix.com".


I'd really like to do this, but I'm afraid it'd break PlayOn for my Xbox 360


Any idea as to whether or not it would break it?


I have an Intel MacBook Pro and had the same problem with a sign in details error after Silverlight installation. I signed out of my Netflix account, signed back in and everything loaded fine. Try it.


works great for me, other than the occasional movie that isn't silverlight supported yet.


So Netflix still hasn't made a way for us to De-Authorize/Remove devices/computers our account?? I have a Roku and a Tivo and a Xbox and at least 2 computers that I would like to stream to...


Matthew, I had the same problem you did. I logged out of Netflix and signed back in. After that all was well.


Using with Safari 3.1. Works flawlessly. Loading of movies happens at least twice as fast. Noticeably lower resolution at first, but after about 20-30 seconds, picture gets more sharp.

I did try with Firefox 3.0 and it crashed everytime after player said it was buffering. Will try to re-install Silverlight to see if it makes a difference and/or disable some plugins to see if that makes a difference. I will give an update later.


Thanks for the response guys. Signing out of Netflix and back in again (After installing Silverlight for the 1st time) worked, and I was able to start up a movie. I haven't watching anything fully yet with the new player, but I at least got past that error code.


Working for me after crashing Safari 3.2 on 10.5.2. Quality of 30 rock is great, but sound is lagging by a quarter second.

Stephen Worth

I hope they are planning to release a PowerPC version. My main media computer is a PowerPC Mac. If they aren't supporting PowerPC, they aren't really supporting Mac.

Mark R

FYI, This is from playons site, http://www.themediamall.com/node/474 :
if you sign up for the new Netflix Silverlight beta testing program, your Netflix account will be incompatible with Windows Media Player, which PlayOn depends on currently for Netflix support.

We are however already investigating this, and rest assured that we will be adding support for Silverlight accounts in the near future.


hmmm..think I'll just wait.


works great for me in firefox 3 on a macbook pro. wooo!


Stephen, if you can't afford a new Intel Mac then you aren't cool enough for the cult of Mac.


Sigh. If only Netflix let me watch from outside the US.



I'm using Firefox 3.0.3 on a Mac Mini (Intel, 1.66 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 250 GB HD). I already had Silverlight installed, so I was good to go after the opt-in took effect.

Movie start is much quicker than with the Flash player. The thumbnail-based skip feature helps you get to the scene you want quicker too.

This reminds me why I GOT the Mac Mini, hooked to my Samsung LCD. Keep it coming, Netflix!


So far, so good! For those who seem to not get it going, try signing out and signing back in.

Look forward to higher res videos in the future. And, of course, a better selection.

Nice to finally have it for macs!


Terrible video quality, even for a beta you'd think the vids would look a little better than the Low Speed version of the old player. I regret opting in for the beta.


i'm on a mac and it worked absolutely flawlessly. stoked that watch instantly for mac finally exists.


Goodbye Parallels. Thank you Netflix!

Steven Hoober

Pretty new iMac: works very well so far, but I am not likely to test it heavily as it refuses to believe I have a decent connection. Coupled with the inability say "I'll just wait for it to buffer" means I can only watch shows in old-TV-in-Mom's-room quality. It's a bit lame.

Install was quick and reasonably painless, but is clunky. Not as automatic as most, but I presume that's part of the beta-ness.


From what I understand the device limitations that NFLx is forced to implement reset on January 1, so all the more reason for me to check this out ASAP. Although I would rather have read- "certain titles may be available only in super high bitrates..."

s. green

Works well with my firefox 3.03 and loaded fast for beta. The quality is good for beta use. Netflix rocks!

Anonymous Luddite

I hope they are planning to release a Motorola 68000 version. My main media computer is a Macintosh 128K. If they aren't supporting Motorola, they aren't really supporting Mac.

The newest version of mac os does not even support power pc, so I guess apple is not even truly supporting mac.


I sure hope they will support my Apple ][. It's not a Mac, but it's an Apple. I lost my AppleTalk cable -- can I have movies delivered on a floppy?

mike jasinski

Silverlight not loading DRM video on mac intel
hello, i'm having troubles with silverlight (Version 2.0 (2.0.31005.0)). The plugin works fine, except for "DRM" video, like "http://www.nbcolympics.com/video/index.html" and "netflix watch instantly". The area where the video should load is completely blank. I've reinstalled multiple times, deleted all related files, reinstalled, restarted, repaired permissions, loaded a new user account, changed my network security settings to allow everything to pass through, etc. When i goto silverlight preferences (right clicking), DRM is enabled, but the application storage window doesn't have any websites listed, and from what i understand both NBC and NETFLIX should be listed there. Mac 10.5.5 - all applications and system completely updated tried in both safari and firefox - both up to date. Hardware Overview: Model Name: Mac Pro Model Identifier: MacPro3,1 Processor Name: Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processor Speed: 3.2 GHz Number Of Processors: 2 Total Number Of Cores: 8 L2 Cache (per processor): 12 MB Memory: 12 GB


Macs are expensive. I think it's obnoxious people are making fun of those still using PPC. Less than 2 years ago there were people spending $3k on a G5.

That said I'm grateful Microsoft decided to make Silverlight for the Mac at all. No reason they should go out of their way to support older Apple hardware.


I just tried it last night. It worked great. The quality of the Netflix movies was good. The Starz movies were definitely of lower quality, but still not complaining.

What I found interesting was that I had to go to the link provided on this website to get access. If I went to Netflix Watch it Now it said my computer was not compatable.

Russell Dornisch

So I am wondering if I do this for mac then it won't work on my 360 when Netflix comes out for it in 2 weeks? please let me know if there is an answer?!!!


Lifterus, the reason people are making fun is because this situation points out exactly why Macs are a bad investment. There's a reason there's such a thing called 'the Apple tax.' These computers are more proprietary than PCs. The only appeal is the design, but that's just a shiny object to distract you from the price.

Russell, no, your Xbox will use something completely different. In the same respect that the Roku box uses something different from the version on the PC/Mac. The two don't effect each other.


I have a dedicated PC used for TV which was above the min specs (AMD 2000+ 1.6Ghz, 1MB ram, well maintained). The original watch instantly worked flawlessly as I watched The Shining the night before I tried the beta. Once setting up the beta I tried several movies and TV series in both IE and Firefox and got nothing but choppy video and out of sync audio. CPU was at 100% dispite being 0.4GHz above the requirements with double the RAM too.

What is horrible is that there is no way to opt-out back to the original player. I called Netflix support and this confirmed this. I even asked if I could cancel and make a new account but they said many new accounts were being forced into the Silverlight version. Utter BS that I am now stuck with a feature that does not work with no resolution other than upgrading a computer or shelling out money for their setup box.


I ruined my instant watching by doing this stupid beta. I used to love to watch it on my PS3 through playon and I thought it was the most amazing thing in the world. Now it doesn't work and I am not going to sit in front of my tiny laptop trying to watch a movie when I have a 50" HDTV with surround not able to connect to the instant watching due to the Silverlight crap. BEWARE! PLEASE NETFLIX ADD AN OPT-OUT FEATURE. I would pay $50 to click a button right now that says OPT-OUT of BETA TRIAL!!!


F#[email protected]# the DRM!


i have been trying silverlight out for a while now and would be very happy with it as it has some nice features BUT as a result of opting in (something like 2 months ago now) all movies play choppy on my system an opt out would be nice or at least some options to tweak settings in the silverlight player or if they are there already a guide on how to access them

Andrew Limtiaco

This whole "Opt-In" thing . . .does it affect those who strictly have one Mac and does the movies by mail? I am reading the previous post and some seemed really bummed out that they can't opt out (is that so they can go back to watching movies on their PC). I'm trying to understand this but is NetFlix only allowing you to view movies online using one type of player? I only ask this as I have a family member who has only an iMac (Intel based purchased two months ago from Apple so it's the newest) and she gets the movies in the mail thing.


My old player worked just fine until I got error C00D11D1. NF support told me I had no choice but to "opt" in. Now all Starz titles are too jerky to watch. Many other titles as well. Now, NF support just refers me to Silverlight's site. Oh well, I liked Watch Instantly while it worked, but no longer. See ya NF.


What a mistake this was....it's February and I don't know if Silverlight is still considered in beta testing - I made the mistake of *trying* it after customer service recommended it when I was having a problem connecting my laptop to my tv. I had NO problems on my laptop, only with my tv. It was NEVER said this was a beta, never said it was irreversible. Calling them back after I mistakenly installed it on a random computer that I never use led to them arrogantly tell me that I "agreed" to the conditions when I installed it. However, they did agree that Netflix does not inform customers that the installation forces the use of Silverlight on any computer used in the future or that the switch was irreversible. Also, they are quite aware the software is buggy and drops frames. "Too bad" was the official Netflix answer, basically.


The new player is TERRIBLE! Please post a tutorial on how to get rid of the new player.

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