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Absolutely. It's an odd restriction that I imagine might have something to do with their licensing deals with the content providers.


I have two profiles, and i'd love for them to both have Watch Instantly. I'd also like to be able to access either profile from my Roku.


I'm sure the studios would be quite nervous about Watch Instantly available with profiles (and Netflix would get less sign-ups). It makes it much easier to share with a friend if you don't have to give them your password (or sign in for them).

Why would the studios be so worried about sharing? People generally will not steal, but they don't have as much issue with sharing something even when the deal (or license) doesn't allow it. This is similar giving a "sip" of your free-refill drink in a restaurant to your spouse who only ordered water. The fact that you probably don't want to swap spit with most people is enough of a disincentive that restaurants can still offer free-refills. Having to give up your main Netflix password to your friend or relative that lives far far away is enough of a disincentive that Netflix doesn't need to limit Watch Now.

The solution to the problem is probably for Netflix to offer a Watch Instantly add-on for profiles at a modest fee. As the title selection grows, this also solves the problem of a Roku box in each family members room with differing tastes.

Remember when Netflix took away profiles because they didn't want to deal with this? I remember people saying "please please bring it back just the way it was!" Now, of course, people are saying, "well... since you brought it back... can you make it work with Watch Instantly?"




+1. Although I never plan on canceling, they need to understand the desire for a more personal queue. I have to refrain adding certain movies.


Please please please, My Instant watch zombie flicks are making a mess of my Wife's art house heavy queue, and it's suggestions.

If we start seeing more art house zombie flicks we will know that Netflix must be funding them :-)

John Kimble

Unfortunately this is something that most likely will never change mostly because the other profiles will create other device IDs and re-register for each profile cause more people to recieve device limit errors and really at this point in time will really just cause more issues than resolve them, so once the movie studios decide on unlimited device IDs or a very high number the option really wont help.


It would be great if the kids profile, with the appropriate ratings, could use the instant viewing capability.


I think the unauthorized sharing fear could be addressed by setting it such that, regardless of how many watch-now profiles you had, your account could only watch one movie at a time.

A different way to implement the same idea would be to have just one profile, but to be able to establish categories for the movies in the list, and then filter to show only a given category. ("Show me just the movies I marked Zombie." Or "Show me just the movies I marked Kids.")


Yes, I'd love to have Watch Instantly for the different profiles for the same reason cited here--different movie ratings for the kids.


Oh that would be awesome!


I think it would also help if they let you add more than 500 movies to a single queue and if they had an "import" feature to move movies from one of your profiles to the next. I use three profiles just for my own movies, and it always angers me when I realize a film I got in the mail from a secondary queue was available to watch instantly all along.


Yes but I wish they had to log in to their own profile, they have to log in to my profile and then switch to theirs, so either they gotta know your password or you gotta do it for them.


OMG YESS!! I *LOVE* the separate profiles and the fact that they decided to keep them, but my ratings and views will get all clogged up with kiddie junk if i let the kids go wild on my main account w/their watch now stuff!

Steven Hoober

Yes. Of course.

Not a thing about the profiles (except their existence) is well designed so adding it to the current system is not even something I'd attempt. Needs a total rewrite.


most definitely need to support this. Honestly, for them to commit to keeeping profiles and not supporting this doesn't make much sense.


Yes, I would like it for my two kids.


Hells yeah


I can't believe they don't already have this. I sure hope they add it at some point.


YES. I wholeheartedly support netflix movies being available to profiles. I would like to have my wife's profile associated with her gamertag and mine (the main profile) associated with my gamertag


Heck yeah!


Yes! My fiancee just signed us up for Netflix and we're very excited about the Watch Instantly feature. Today I discovered profiles and started setting up a profile for myself, but was disappointed when I realized I couldn't have my own personal Watch Instantly queue for my profile.


I'm pretty sure that this is technical rather than legal restriction. Tying the device to the account is easier than tying the device to multiple profiles on the account. Plus, it makes the user interface simpler, since you don't have to choose the profile before choosing the movie. Do all Netflix devices let you associate multiple accounts? I wouldn't be surprised if there's at least one box that only lets you have one account at a time.

K.C. Hunsaker

I also wish that I could "order" my Watch It Now titles list by genre. It would help me to make a viewing choice depending on what type of movie I was interested in watching (documentary, comedy, drama, etc.). If we could click on the "genre" word at the top and have it do that, that would be great.

T Johnson

Yes, Instant Queue sorting could potentially alleviate my need for separate queues and would simplify having to flip through 200+ titles to find the Wiggles video for my daughter to watch.

James Bucanek

Another emphatic "yes" vote.

My significant other just got a new MacBook and loves the Instant Watch feature, but now she has to log into my account to find, watch, or save Instant Watch movies, then switch back to her's whenever she wants to search, add, or manage her queue. Very annoying.


I would really appreciate it if my wife could watch her movies on her profile. Letting her use my profile for instant viewing is making a mess of the recommendations feature!


Just DO it Netflix! Do it!


DEFINITELY. I like the profiles. Not much actual use for them without the Watch Instantly feature. Logging in for them is a pain.


Yes - even if the device tie was the same, this would be a great feature for us. There are three of us in the house sharing a single PS3, so sharing the single device is already happening. Kinda a pain when the recommendations that come into our main account are based partially on all of our tastes because we all have to add things into the same Watch Instantly queue.

Mark Carroll

+1 from me too. We all live in the same household and watch the same TV, the profiles we have are just to keep our different interests separate, and "watch instantly" is mostly useless to us given that only one of us actually gets to use it. If they want to encourage people to switch from DVDs-by-mail to online streaming you'd think they'd actually let us use it.

Tom T.

Couldn't they just require the primray login, and then the selection of the profile beyond that, with perhaps a pin or password for each profile to allow for parental controls? Frankly, the suggestions get quite odd when each person in the house has different tastes...

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