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It's hard for me to believe that someone could see Napoleon Dynamite and not love it. The first time I saw it, I'll admit, the humor was so unlike anything I'd seen in years, so it took me by surprise. I found on subsequent viewings, it only got better. The music in the movie is particularly memorable, the characters are all unique and hilarious, the scenery is as bland as it needs to be to help the characters stand out as much as they do.

And even after all this time, I still stay "Can you bring me my chapstick? My lips hurt real BAD!!" When you make a quotable movie like Napoleon Dynamite, you warm my heart.

I am glad to hear that 70% of rentals are from the back catalog. I was under the impression that Netflix users only rented New releases (To hear it from most, they'd say they do), and not much else.

I run an indie movie site that covers these kinds of titles... direct-to-dvd, cult, low-budget. Check it out (Click my name), maybe you can find a couple more movies worth adding to your Q. I also mention Instant Watch capable titles - saves you a rental.

Hunter McDaniel

It wasn't clear to me what the article was saying. Are they noting that some movies (especially quirky titles like ND) are really hard to predict? Or are they saying that a lot of other. Or are they saying that your taste for lots of other movies is correlated to your rating of ND?

In any case I did like ND a lot but I have plenty of friends who thought it was incredibly lame.


It's hard for me to believe that someone could see Napoleon Dynamite and not love it.

It's hard for me to believe that there's people alive today, without head injuries, who simply cannot understand that comedy is one of the most subjective things in existence.

Napoleon Dynamite sits on a lot of people's "Most Overrated" lists. So does Nacho Libre. You are not the final authority on comedy. No one is, really.

The only things I chuckled at were the bo staff line and the one guy saying he could toss the football "over that mountain."


The cinematch algorithm doesn't work for me - I find the average of all viewer ratings a much better indication of if I will like a title than any Netflix recommendation. I use the "Friends & Community" feature to generate title leads from the backlog catalog in my queue. And I do my own research for most new releases that end up in my queue.


When I first signed up NF I took interest in the star-rating/recommendation system. After about 6 months I realized that the recommendations offered were not helpful to me. I decided to game the system and use 3-star as a "seen it" (via theater/tv/rental) to help me to not rent something I had seen. I then went back though all my previously rated titles and set them all to 3-star. It's not longer a "like it, love it" flag, just a "seen it".

I find it much more interesting to search my own choices in movies via user text comments, users self-generated movie catagory listings or just following the "More movies like..." link.

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