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Chris O.

That is a very immature decision from Sony. Disappointing.


Update has been posted at the Netflix Community Blog


Way to be a dick, Sony.


Typical, but I can't really blame Sony from a business stand point.

John G.

Just one more reason not to adopt Blu-Ray, Sony's format. Sony = Worst company ever.


What's worse is that they were working last night!


John G., Blu-ray is not "Sony's format." http://www.blu-ray.com/info/


Don't be bitter. Sony even screws their own divisions with decisions like this. This is part of the reason why the greatest name ever in portable music - the Walkman - now is known by almost nobody under 25. The powers that be at Sony did not want to sell devices that could poach their own content. So they let Apple have a gazillion dollar industry.

They did win the Blu-ray battle, though (I would disagree with John that Blu-ray is not Sony's baby. It's like saying that Iraq War is not America's war because Denmark sent some troops. Blu-ray is a big win for Sony).

John G.

Sorry, still holding a grudge over the whole Sony rootkit thing a while back. :)

And yes, Blu-Ray is Sony's baby. Just like HD-DVD was Toshiba's baby. I stand by that comment, no matter what some Blu-Ray PR website claims.

Larry Porter

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No surprise. This is exactly the sort of thing that's bound to happen when you have mega-companies that own media and also manufacture devices that play that media.


I can't even get the device authorization to work after numerous different codes and attempts. So I guess I'll just keep watching on PC for now. Its not that big of a deal since I have a HTPC EXCEPT for some reason they've given some exclusive HD resolutions to the 360 that you can't get on a PC. They need to reconsider that considering the unreliability of the Live network and these Sony restrictions. I HATE artificial restrictions like this.

anyone have a list of the HD movies available to stream to the xbox?


I got a early update on Monday for my Xbox and restarted my Netflix account to try out the streaming and I think it's great.

I was wondering why some of the movies weren't showing up on my queue on my Xbox.

As far as any HD content, I was able to see Heroes and 30 Rock in HD. I tried a few movies that I knew were in HD but they came out as SD.

So far, the only HD quality stuff I've seen is television shows.


I could not activate either. I read somewhere that it's not just us. I'm sure Netflix and MS will figure it out before the end of the week.


I told you so.

The Roku Netflix Player is still the best, least expensive, most efficient way to stream Watch Now to your living room. It uses far less power, makes a lot less noise, and has no licensing issues with Sony or anyone else.

Microsoft makes you pay for a Gold subscription on top of your Netflix subscription, and then you don't even get a complete experiences.

Just spend the $100 and get the Roku box. I love mine. It gets used a lot.


Sujay, Sony originated and spearheaded the Blu-Ray format. The fact that other companies jumped on the bandwagon doesn't change the fact that it was Sony's baby.


Terrible move, Sony. Is your goal to get people to hate you?

I fear this means there is not much chance of seeing Netflix on the PS3 any time soon.


I must have missed reading the fine print somewhere that claims '...Microsoft has a "console exclusive" on Netflix streaming.'

SONY's a dick. Microsoft's a dick. And now, by virtue of spreading their legs, NF's the bitch. Here's to hoping we all wear protection while buffering the packets.


Netflix screwed the pooch on this one. They should know better than to exclude the CONTENT PROVIDERS from possible profit streams. Netflix needs to keep the content providers HAPPY, not angry.

Sony shouldn't unlock the movies until PS3 streaming is allowed. Exclusive deals don't do us consumers any good.


I think Donuts said it best. Exclusive deals are never any good for the consumer. It's simply a corporate power trip.

Jason The Saj

Typical SONY.

I do despise that company. Few companies do I get excited about when they have financial problems - SONY is one of them.

Why do people blame this on Netflix. You know SONY is likely asking an unreasonable and excessive licensing rate. Because they don't want their movies on the Xbox platform when they're pushing the PS3.

Frankly, I think here would be a good copyright case for the courts. Hit SONY up for infringement and monopoly behavior. Leveraging it's movie portfolio against it's hardware competitor.

- The Saj

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