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There is also a Starz only account option, rather expensive at 7.99 for only the Starz Live and Starz steaming.


Is there any way to add this to a queue so one could watch it through a set top device?


Be careful.

I just tried this to see how it worked, and after I stopped playing it I was unable to watch using my PC or Roku player. Both gave an error that "there are already 1 movies being watched instantly from your account right now, which is the limit for your membership".

I called Netflix and, after waiting on hold for a while, was told that they are getting a lot of complaints about this and that I need to wait 2-4 hours for it to reset. I asked and they said they have no way to manually reset it.

I'm sure not using Starz Live again... good way to ruin an evening.


What's interesting about the Starz Live is that sometimes it has movies that are NOT available on NetFlix Instant View.

But it appears if that's the case, the movies show up very shortly on Netflix Instant View.

You don't seem to be able to expand that window. I haven't had the problem Marc reported above (I use a PC and Firefox).

I suspect if Netflix has a problem with this feature, they'll just can it. There's really no need for it.


Another f*d up product rollout (see XBOX streaming.) I suppose people are being pushed to wrap up their projects before they get the "economy tanked" pink slips.


I'm not new to NetFlix but I am a newbie when it comes the electronics end of it. I have a DVR thru TW and a Sharp LCDHD tv. Is there any way at all to get the movies on my tv thru those devices or a way to hook up my computer to my tv to view my movies on my 40" instead of trying to strain on my Acer mini to watch them?? Netted in NY


I find it rather ridiculous that we're already in 2011 and Starz live streaming is still not capable on a mac...

Glenn Clements

You can hook your computer to a high def. tv using an hdmi cable.

When I try to play stars live with firefox I still get an error message.

David Price

For real....when is it going to be available on mac?!?

"by the end of the year"...that was 2008. :(

It's the only qualm I have with netflix. Why base a service on the most unreliable web browser in the market. ie is by no means good for live streaming.


My puter is way beyond the minimum specs Netflix calls for and I get their error message with both IE and Firefox


I can only watch this in computer is there any way I can watch it in my netflix ready device to watch it in TV? Except using HDMI from my laptop to TV, I know this one...

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