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I did this around 6 am pst this morning with no problem at all... already watched a few episodes of Little Britain!


I fired up the 360 this morning around 6:30 and updated it. Around 7:00 I got my code and entered it into netflix, by the time I got back to the TV my movies where on the screen, with exception of the Sony ones.


I got that same message at around 7 AM Eastern. Xbox Live also was throwing errors when I tried to download the Netflix client on my 360.


Had the same problem. Once it started working, all was fine minus problems already mentioned. However, I've yet to be able to test out the HD streaming. I have a 10M line, but all I got was two bars and no HD. Not sure if its a problem on my end or theirs.


Maybe it's just me, but with my LG BD300 I swear Heroes and 30 Rock look like HD Quality, and have since I've had the box for awhile now. They are very crisp.

Only complaint, and if anybody else has this issue let me know, is that the sound and speaking of words always seem to be like a milisecond behind the movement of a person's mouth. It's kind of annoying, but sometimes it's not as bad.


I got that 2-hour error, but was able to establish the connection later. Sampled one video on the XBOX, but due to the horrid fan noise coming from the XBOX, I'll stick with my Roku player (and later TiVO when that service begins).

I might have stuck with the XBOX if it was the only HD source available, but Roku and TiVO will start streaming HD soon.



I have that issue too on the Roku player sometimes (about 5-10%, but seems to be getting better over time).

When that happens, I just click-out of the video and click back in (continue) and the voice/video syncs-up again.


There use to be this thing in American business called QC.


I think that the quality of the videos is terrible


I had nothinmg but problems with it. The Movie starts then will stop, if its something you veiw part of it won't start from where you left off. I know it's new but these issues should have been worked out not enough beta testing I guess.


I got the error around 7:30 CST. I am now able to activate and see the queue but still get an error connecting to netflix when attempting to stream. Nobody can tell me the problem(ISP,XBOX,Netflix). Looking to see if anyone is having a similar issue.


I did install the add-on last night, no problems doing this. Unfortunately it requires a Live Gold account, which for casual gamers is too expensive. In my opinion the Netflix features should be available to xbox Live Silver members too

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