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Andy Mason

I know that it is customary for people to complain about Netflix, but frankly I think it is an awesome service that's great value for money. I've been a satisfied member since July 2002, and have only had a handful of minor issues in all that time.

I love that they keep adding new surprises like this to make the service even better.

I bought both my stepsons Roku players for Christmas and they love them. I've had mine for six months or so and I literally never watch TV any more. Once I get my DTV converter box I will cancel basic cable because I don't see the point in paying $15/month for something I never watch. We only have it now so that my wife can tune in to the local networks when we have severe weather warnings.

I'm an American citizen although I spent the first 33 years of my life in England. I love that I can watch so much British stuff through Netflix. It provides a great bridge to the culture in which I grew up, as well as access to the latest releases here in the US.


Nice! This is one of the reasons I left NF for BB a few years ago. One time, they sent me a disk from Hawaii -- to New York City. I think it took 5 days:) This solution sounds like a good idea.


Brilliant! I love it!


I like the sound of this, Good Work Netflix!


Why don't they just put a column in the queue allowing you to opt out/in for the ones that are distant?
Or at least tell you which ones are farther than X amount of miles?
Then you could decide if you want to wait or just move on.

I have gotton some in the past from NY and I am in California, it took a few days.


Yeah, I agree...
I've always hated having just a "Queue". Because I have a ton of movies in my queue that I don't care when they come and I don't care in what order they come...I just want them to come as fast as possible from the closed shipping center. I wish I could put these in a "Pool".

And I wish I could put movies in a "Queue" and always get them in that order (since that's what a queue is)...like for Seasons with multiple discs or movies with sequels, etc. I hate that Netflix sends me movies from my queue out of order.

Then, similar to allocating movies per Profiles, I wish I could have 2 movies always sent from my "Pool" and 1 movie always sent from my "Queue"...or whatever.


Del, the availability of a movie and demand for that movie changes every day. Netflix simply can't know which movies will be available when it's time to ship yours.


That's amazing.


This just in from Netflix!!!

In the future, if your movie is delayed, our CEO Reed Hastings will personally call you to apologize and give you his own personal rendition of the film over the phone.

"We got this idea from Be Kind Rewind. Reed has always been a great movie reviewer and we thought, well, why not?"

Netflix stock rose to an all-time high of $43 after the announcement.


ohhhhh netflix... you have earned a bigger piece of my heart... How unexpected?!? Excellent news... Its been a while since i had an out of state movie...


I've had a number of times where a disc had to be sent from a long distance. I understood that and it never caused a problem for me, except perhaps a little disappointment. I did not like that it would take an extra day to send out the disc from the other center, if they had fixed that I would have had no gripe whatsoever. I can see how this would be a headache for the one disc subscribers.

Now that they've implemented this policy they've gone well beyond what I thought would be necessary to improve the situation. Thanks Netflix!

Throttled by Netflix

This sounds awesome.

I dont get it. Are they saying like if you had the one at a time plan, you they might send you 2 at a time if one was not in your area?


They're saying you'll get 2 disks "whenever possible". I suspect "whenever possible" will be almost always - that's just NetFlix covering their butts to protect themselves from ne'er-do-wells with law suits.

I also suspect that, as with other bonus disks, you'll need to return both disks before NetFlix will ship another. Have to wait and see; maybe they'll institute some way to flag that the bonus disk is the one from the distant center so it doesn't interfere with your normal turnover.


They did this to me about two weeks ago. I'm on the 8 out plan and I noticed they had sent me a 9th disc at about the same time a disc was shipped from a center that was far away from me.

This comes a a pleasant surprise and I applaud Nteflix for doing this.

Bob Emmerich

Just wondering if the word "remote" is defined anywhere? I would guess over 500 miles. Anyone?


Maybe they should fix there problem with shipping new releases first.


I just experienced this new feature. The disc in the #1 slot was not available locally (Cleveland). The disc is being shipped from Wisconsin. The #2 disc was available locally and was shipped immediately. So I will receive the #2 disc the next day and the #1 disc in 2-3 days.

Thanks Netflix.


This is a very generous, customer-friendly move. That said, I wonder if anyone will try to game it. You could try putting a "Short Wait" disc or an obscure title in your #1 slot and see if you get lucky.

I'm not going to bother though - I'm happy with what I get already.


I wonder what this will do re: throttling-- when I've received a bunch of movies in a month I'm usually sent a movie from a far away center, but this new policy seems to negate the benefits (for Netflix) of throttling.


It says for all Netflix users, but is this really something for those of us who have the one disc at a time policy? I can't imagine them giving me more than one disc at a time.


@Dave I wonder what this will do re: throttling-- when I've received a bunch of movies in a month I'm usually sent a movie from a far away center, but this new policy seems to negate the benefits (for Netflix) of throttling.

Dave, looks like you were wrong about them using it as a throttling method. Perhaps it was just that the movies weren't available at your local center.


@Copacetic This is a very generous, customer-friendly move. That said, I wonder if anyone will try to game it. You could try putting a "Short Wait" disc or an obscure title in your #1 slot and see if you get lucky.

Copacetic, it doesn't say it's for titles on wait. It's for titles that aren't available at your local shipping center. Members have no way of knowing, therefore they could not game the system.


Interesting - another tactical factor to consider in ordering your queue. I rent a lot of off-beat stuff, that usually comes from afar, along with new releases, which almost always come from the local Distribution Center. So now I can play around a bit and see what happens...


Wow. Completely unexpected.


@Bob Emmerich

Just wondering if the word "remote" is defined anywhere? I would guess over 500 miles. Anyone?

Remote is anything that is not your local distribution center.


The problem is, no one will ever be satisfied. Now the people that complained about cross shippments and always wanted something shipped locally and immediately, will start complaining when their top choice is skipped for a local title. Solution- Give up. No service is going to be perfect for everybody. A title isn't ALWAYS going to be available when you want it.

this is really cool then. Cause before any new releases would almost always take about 3 days to ship to me cause they were never local. now i can put all my new releases back up at the top.


I have been fortunate enough to be experiencing this currently. Here is my first-hand information.

A couple weeks ago, I put this somewhat obscure anime series at the top of my queue (4-disks in total, but correctly set up as a series so if the first disk were not available it would skip them all). I had been on a one-at-a-time limited plan (on vacation for part of the month so I kept it bumped down), and upgraded to a two-at-a-time plan. It skipped over the series and sent the next two movies from the queue.

I returned one of these movies, so that they received it on Tuesday and it skipped over them again and sent the next regular movie (The Dark Knight). I checked later in the evening and the first disc of the anime series was flagged as "Shipping Wednesday" and had the other DVD I still had out (Signs) marked with a +.

I had dropped Signs in the mail on Tuesday, so I figured that when it was received on Wednesday morning, I would not be getting much of deal, it would be as though the movie had simply shipped on the day the Signs DVD was returned.

To my surprise, Signs generated another movie to ship. It was probably only because the "bonus" DVD had not shipped yet and was not considered "at home", but it was a nice surprise.

At the top of the screen though, under the link "Why do you have an extra DVD?" it says "NOTE: After your extra DVD rental arrives, get your next movie by returning any two movies."

Therefore, I do not expect another movie to queue up until I have returned two of the three I have now.

Jeff R.

I don't see how anyone could complain about this, but I'm sure someone will find a way.

This is pretty cool. It's nice to know that if I plan to have a movie on a certain day, I'll have a movie on that day. It may not be the exact one I wanted, but it's better than nothing.

very clever way at throttling new releases to the 'useful idiots'.

Dr. Quasius

There, I turned the italics off...

Rick Goodkind

I have been a NetFlix member since January 2001. In most all that time, I have been able to manage my queue--until recently. Starting in the fall, I found that disks shown as available were being passed over for disks lower in the queue. My first phone call to NetFlix took place in the fall. I was told that on Thursday and Friday NetFlix will skip over disks that are available system-wide but not available at the local hub in order to ensure that disks arrive for weekend viewing. So I started to order my queue with that in mind. In early December I found that disks were being skipped over even on other days, so I called NetFlix. They said that if there is a day delay any day of the week, the disk will be skipped over. I was told that people were complaining they weren’t receiving DVDs due to the wait for shipment from a remote hub. Then we got the announcement I’m posting under. I called NetFlix this week, because DVDs were still being skipped over. The representative said that if a DVD isn’t at a local hub, it will be skipped over. If the DVD is skipped twice, it will be sent from another hub and a second DVD will be sent.

I order my queue with an eye towards what I want first, not when I want the disk, but NetFlix is trying to accommodate the small renter. I wish that we could tell from the queue what is available locally and what not. (But, I am not sure what the availability marker indicates. One NetFlix representative I spoke to said the marker is a result of a formula based on who has rented the title and how long they usually keep disks and not a real-world indicator. I wonder if that’s true.) I haven’t yet figured out how to manage my queue–given that a ‘Now’ in the Expected Availability column has a different effect on shipping depending upon whether the DVD is available at the local hub or not, and I am not privy to that information.

Now that NetFlix has made their announcement, I expect they will stick with the current policy for awhile. I also expect they will tinker with it as they receive feedback on it.

It has always been my belief that I should determine the order in which (available) DVDs are sent. NetFlix should not be making this decision for me. I miss the old days when DVDs were shipped in order of system-wide availability.

Throttled by Netflix

I personally don't care what DVD I get, as long as I get one in my queue. But it is annoying to continually have one skipped over just because it isn't available locally. I don't mind waiting sometimes. Netflix should solve this issue by saying whether a disc is available at your local hub or not! That way, users could make an informed decision.


Cool, I have lots of obscure stuff that usually come from out of state, so this is a welcome change:-)


I love netflix


Netflix LIES again.

I deliberatly placed very long wait blurays in every other slot in my Q. When two discs were returned today, the very long wait disks in slots 1 and 3 were skipped, sending me two from my local center which were 2 and 4 in my Q.

First throttling, now this nonsense. If it werent for watch now on Tivo, I'd switch to BB.


I think there's a big difference between these 2 statements:

#1) If Netflix can't send you a disc from your local shipping center, then they will send it from a distant shipping center and also send you a 2nd "free" disc from your local shipping center.

#2) If Netflix sends you a disc from a distant shipping center, then they will also send you a 2nd "free" disc from your local shipping center.

CK, it sounds like you think Netflix is doing #1, but I think Netflix said they are doing #2. You said the discs at the top of your queue were "Long Wait" so they never even tried to send them to you, so they skipped over them. And since they didn't send them to you, the premise of #2 never happened. I don't think Netflix lied, I just think you're expecting a different service than what they said they were going to provide.


So "Long Wait" or "Very Long Wait" actually means "Not available now or ever, you will never see this disk even if you're willing to wait for longer shipping"? Some disks have been listed as "Long Wait" for months.

I'm so glad my blu-ray surcharge is being put to good use

It's DISC not DISK.

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