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The only thing I wish netflix would do is allow me to contact customer service via email, like they used to. I don't like being on hold, or sometimes it's inconvient for me to call.

Other than that I'm very please with netflix


Love Amazon.


Jedi, customer service via e-mail is the pits! A day to acknowledge receipt, another day to respond, a few days to fix and then another day to respond. 5 days to fix something can be done in a minute or two.

Their hold times are very rarely over 3 minutes. And they're nice too.


There are two schools of thought. Some companies treat email as an annoyance and phone as the only real support option. Other companies treat phone as an annoyance and only offer good service over email.

This is a real dichotomy; there's rarely any in-between. If you find yourself getting poor service, maybe you'll get better luck if you switch media. It's very annoying that there are two schools of thought, because it's not clear what the best option is if you run into a problem.


IMO, the single best feature of Amazon is customer reviews. Amazon's implementation, with comments and (sometimes) an associated discussion forum, is top notch.

That's one of the reasons I like newegg too.


Gir - IMO, the single best feature of Amazon is customer reviews.

Gir, do you mean like Netflix's customer reviews?


Yes and no.

Amazon (and newegg) let you see what makes up the overall rating (how many 5, how many 4, etc.). That can make a big difference sometimes; I probably don't want to buy something if 25% got it DOA, even if the rest rated it 4 and 5. The review comments and discussion forums can help on buying decisions too.

Of course, on Amazon and Newegg, decisions are sometimes about spending hundreds of dollars, so I'm going to spend a lot more time on research. The extra features may not apply so much to a simple movie decision.


Gir, oh, sorry. You meant ratings. I thought you meant reviews.


Good point. On Amazon, reviews and ratings go hand-in-hand. On NetFlix, not so much.

netflix has always won. 2 ways to look at this - amazon is getting better or netflix is getting worse. which is it?


It seems like you can only learn about the average rating of a movie on Netflix, but on Amazon, you can see all the ratings and reviews. That's a feature I put much weight on.

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