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"The Microsoft Xbox streaming relationship is still exclusive (sorry Nintendo and PS3 users"

Netflix needs to get streaming on the PS3! Why would they have a exclusive partnership if "part of the reason for strong subscriber growth is that Netflix underestimated the interest in consumer electronics devices."

Sony and Netflix need to come to terms. I don't see how they can't have a relationship especially since Netflix helped support Blu-Ray and Sony early.


It's probably exclusive because MSFT pays them enough to keep it exclusive. MSFT has a history of spending lots of money on this type of thing, such as lobbying Walmart to drop the laptops with Linux installed. I'm sure there's a time limit on it though, when the exclusivity deal will drop off and it will open to other consoles. It's common in other industries--Apple has an exclusivity deal with AT&T to carry the iPhone exclusively for 7 years.


you can have netflix and hulu streaming right now try play on by media mall. it has a free two week trial and afterwards its 30 bucks.


Sony won't partner with Netflix for streaming movies because they offer their own movie download service. It would kill their own baby to do that.


Microsoft has a pretty robust download service as well, that coincides with Watch Now.

The real issue here is Hastings sitting on the MS board.


I think GC got it right there. Frankly, I hope we get more streaming stuff. Right now it's a perk (although that's why I got Netflix in the first place) then when I found out how little there was, I stayed for the DVDs.
Starsplay adds some benfit by rotating out movies that otherwise wouldn't have been on there.
But I think IW is the future of Netflix, since it's inheriently cheaper.


Any possibility of Netflix signing deals with other networks to open up television viewership via streaming content? XBOX360 may get hulu. Sling, xbmc, and other services are likely to come along too. When will TV networks open up more to broadcasting in this manner?


"Part of the reason for strong subscriber growth is that Netflix underestimated the interest in consumer electronics devices, including Blu-ray players, Roku's Netflix Player, and the Xbox 360."

And TiVo. This is why I am a new subscriber to Netflix. It amazes me how out of touch the media industry is, stop underestimating! The options need to keep growing, give us all movies via streaming and watch your customer base grow exponentially.


Vitris - Its not that simple. Lot of politics involved.

Stream everything then your relationship with Best Buy, Walmart, Blockbuster, deteriorates. Not to mention Cable TV and the Networks.

Its a revenue stream balancing act. Sure a studio can say "Screw the B&M's and TV Stations", putting all their eggs into Netflix's basket, risk giving up leverage.


Part of the reason for strong subscriber growth is that Netflix underestimated the interest in consumer electronics devices, including Blu-ray players.

Is this why all of my recent Blu-ray releases are "Short Wait" or longer. I can get them via DVD, but not Blu-Ray.

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