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no, but maybe an extra $1-2 per month



Thank you, Reed!

This is getting closer to what we REALLY want - which is for you to bring us the a la carte programming that the cable and satellite providers say they can't give us.

I don't want to pay $50/month for cable or satelitte, but I WOULD pay $4.99/month for the SciFi channel.

Bring it on.


This question is ambiguous. Are they saying it would be $9.99 for the ability to watch stuff instantly that you can already get on DVD, or are they talking about CURRENT shows airing? i.e. If I want to watch this week's entourage, I can stream it via netflix?

If it's old stuff on DVD, that just seems like a rip off, offering $10 a month for people who are too lazy to wait for the dvd to come in the mail. I still wouldn't pay $10/mo for access to current HBO series, since I pay just a little bit more than that and have access to the series and all the movies over like 10 different HBO channels.

BUT, if i were frugal and didn't pay for cable tv, but still wanted my fill of Big Love, I'd pay $10 a month to watch it as it aired instead of waiting a year for the dvds


As long as they are using silverlight, H3LL NO.

Lord Jezo

$9.99... no

$2.. sure


$10 is steep for just the original content. HBO uses that content to attract customers, but I don't know of anyone who pays for HBO that doesn't occasionally watch the movies. If that $10 fee gave you access to all of HBO's current on-demand offerings then it would be a better deal. If it's just for their original content then I would say $5 per month is fair and should be somewhat profitable. Even then, I would expect that to include the entire HBO original backlog.


In this economy? Perhaps $1-2


No, No, No!!!

Pay %50 MORE for HBO?! Ain't no way!


No, I'd rather have Showtime streaming. They have been too lazy getting that stuff out there.

I want to watch the rest of Dexter. I hate HBO.


I think it's a great deal. At least for those people already subscribing to HBO. They probably pay more than that through their sat/cable provider anyway. So if Netflix made it available, those people could just cancel their sat/cable subscription. Plus, it would basically be HBO On-demand. You could watch any of their stuff whenever you want.


Can I just subscribe to one show or x-amount of shows? That I would prefer.


I would pay $2 but no more for HBO. I would be willing to pay $10 for uninterrupted viewing of several other channels though -- especially National Geo, Travel Channel and Discovery. Commercials are a waste of my time and I refuse to watch broadcast because of it. If Netflix can provide customers with the option of watching without commercials for a small monthly fee, I'll be the first to sign up. Goodbye to over-inflated cable prices, hello to freedom of choice!


No. Only HBO show I've watched in a long time is True Blood.

In this economy, I'm actually thinking of cutting my plan back to the unlimited 1-at-a-time (from 2).

I use watch instantly 10x more than I watch actual DVDs. The DVDs wind up sitting on the coffee table since I can get the same quality picture and pick from a huge library of watch instantly.

I now only use the DVDs for new movies and obscure films.


I like this. I like this a lot. Netflix is really starting to become the cable killer. $9.99 may be too rich for my blood, maybe Showtime and HBO for an extra $9.99

I really like where Netflix is headed.


I concur with alot of the above, I like the idea but $9.99 is way too much to ask. Heck I'm only on the 1dvd/time plan so that'd be double my current price.
Currently "Starzplay" has been where most of my instant streaming movies have come from. But I still don't think I could shell out that much more for what would be at best a "gamble" on what'd I'd be getting at any moment.


I was paying about $10/month with DirecTV for all of the HBO channels. If Netflix is going to give me all that same content for $10, I might consider it! But if $10 is only going to give me a subset of that, it's not worth it.


No. Most of the shows that they list that I would pay for (Deadwood, The Wire, Extras) are no longer on the air and can be watched by getting the DVDs. Their new stuff doesn't interest me, or I'd already be subscribed to HBO.

The real question is whether this would be an option of membership or a requirement?


$5/month at the max. maybe $10 for showtime AND HBO, but they need to keep in mind that bit torrent costs nothing.


No. I already pay DirecTV extra to have HBO, Cinemax, Starz, Showtime and the Sports pack. Not interested in paying $9.99 more to watch HBO on a 21" HD monitor when I can watch it on a 50" HDTV. Maybe 1-2 dollars more but I can live without that feature, just don't disable the movies from instant view that are currently playing on HBO, then I would have a problem.


$10 for a single channel? Crazy - so much for Netflix being cheaper than cable. Next it will be $10 for showtime, $10 for HGTV, etc... We already get the DVDs for HBO shows so why would I pay more just to watch it instantly. HBO is a rip off. I would only consider subscribing to this if it offered their boxing replays/special events - and $10 is still way too much.


Without Real Time with Bill Maher, its worth no more than $3/month - With it, I'd pay $6


I would pay 5 more dollars a month if they were all available with instant watch, All the shows/movies whenever I wanted. 10? no just not going to happen. I wouldn't get it unless they continuously updated the shows the day or the day after it premieres on HBO.


I would consider paying up to $5 if new episodes were available to stream within a day or so - however, I would only do it if I had the option to cancel anytime since most HBO shows have like a year and a half between seasons.

If they really wanted to sell me on this they would make all the episodes of The Larry Sanders Show available to stream. If they want people to pay extra for this they need to have more content that you can't just rent on DVD.


I'd rather subscribe per show, and I'd only pay about $10 TOTAL for a FULL SEASON of any given show, on demand, starting the day it airs.

$10 per month for a channel I would watch on rare occasions? Nope. The movies might be nice, but I'm not adding anything to my Netflix account to get movies. I can always just wait for the DVD.


Would I pay $10.00 a month for original HBO content? Hell no. $2.00 more? Maybe.

Also, I'd want the service to include closed-captioning. If I, as a deaf person, can't watch S3 of "Big Love", why the f*** would I even consider putting down even one extra Golden Dollar?


I don't think I'd go 10 more, but realistically I would consider going as high as 7 though if it was that high I wouldn't guarantee adding it.




No, I'm patient enough to wait for those HBO shows to be released on DVD.

Doesn't matter the channel. Showtime? The third season of Dexter will come out on DVD next August. I can wait.

Sci-Fi Channel? They have their own streaming websites. I can watch Battlestar Galactica that way.

The only truly exciting news Netflix could give us is if they start streaming Hulu.


Meant to say.... Streaming Hulu through Roku.


No way.

Hunter McDaniel

There are some good shows on HBO, so I hear. But it's not like there's nothing to like in the 100K titles I can already get. It's just hard for me to see how those few HBO shows are worth paying 60% more.


Heh, did anyone actually GET this survey? I'm beginning to think only the guy who sent this in did! Netflix never emails me, they really don't like me for some reason.


No for me. I can wait for the DVD's to come out. HBO, Cinemax, Stars, Showtime, etc...all have some decent programming but it's not worth the extra they want in the cable bills. If it wasnt' for some of the stations my kids like I would drop cable all together. I will wait for the DVD's to show up on Netflix.


For $9.99, I would want a few shows from Discovery and easy access to some of the streamed content from ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC.

Netflix could get me to cancel cable if they can become a vehicle for the major networks to deliver their streamed shows. I think I'd pay more than $9.99 for that.


The ala carte thing that people always are clamoring for is great, but is problematic after you realize you really do watch enough channels that paying for each one becomes cost prohibitive.

The $9.99 is great if you don't already have HBO. However, I have the all-in-one package from Comcast -- meaning the highest cable tier, the highest Internet tier, and phone.

Netflix needs to find a way to make VOD more compelling. Why not make a go at the IPTV market? They have the name and the money to do it.

Now, there is a new premium network that is supposed to launch in April, starting out as VOD. This is what Netflix should shoot for and charge the $9.99 for.



Kenny Johnson

I think $10 is too much, but I'm not sure $2 makes sense either. I would possibly pay $5 more.


I Could see maybe an extra $5-$6 a month for the HBO content if it would include everything offered on the HBO on demand. Heck Even at $10 that is still almost half the monthly fee Comcast charges to subscribe to HBO. I say Netflix Bring on the HBO content ASAP.


Netflix is just getting better and better. If they start taking this route with ala carte instant programming, I'm going to tell Time Warner to suck it.

Jax Maxton

I'll agree with a lot of the previous posts. Last time I checked, for around $12.00 I can get all the HBO channels WITH newer movies on Comcast, plus HBO on demand. $10.00 isn't much of a bargain. At $2-$3 I'm signing up, and at $5.00, I'm considering, but not sold.

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