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Lansing, MI just shipped to me on Sat! Saturday shipping will allow me to get more movies, but as people mentioned before, if you are waiting for a new release you will have to wait until Saturday to send it back. I was unaware of them shipping on Saturdays and I sent my movie back on Friday so I could get my new release on Monday but they shipped out the next movie on Saturday instead...Now I probably won't get the new release for a few weeks.

Adam J

Salem is now on-line. Rad.

Kevin Murray

I know that the Albuquerque, NM Center is shipping on Saturdays as I just got a notice that they had received my disk & sent out the new one.


I have had a problem with netflix not delivering them to me i send it in and they get the move but say they sent one and it is a crap shoot if it is going to come or not now they are telling me they will close my account if there is one more move lost and there has only been 8 movies in three years what can i do even the post master is been watching and he said no movies from netflix have came to his post offices and by the way im what they call a heavy hitter two to three movies a week for 2.5 yrs what can i do!!!!!!

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