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New releases should be called "Very long wait list"


Hay, that Call Girl series is the one with Billie Piper (from Doctor Who), isn't it? Might have to look at that. Too bad it's not IW.


Wall-E is still (and has always been) a very long wait on my list!!!


I received Wall-E the week it was released.


I wanted Pineapple Express and they passed me up this week. I had the new movies down to a science.


Hey ne14fuun..it happened alot to me of late. I finally got a new release Righteous


"very long wait list"....thats funny


This week i got two new releases, and it looks like both of them from my local center... i had fallen into the "very long wait" new release category and was going to the local redbox for a buck a shot for ones i really wanted... oddly enough one of my dvds was checked in on monday (1/5) and they sent me "Righteous Kill" same day (this being monday) and i got it today! first time thats happened to me EVER. they got my other two today (1/6) and i got the new Nic Cage one sent out... even odder is that im still waiting for other "new" releases from awhile back (hellboy, tropic thunder, burn after and eagle eye) so there is no method to NF maddness.. heres to hoping these two are the last new releases i get fast for another couple months!

Usually I time it so that they recieve a DVD on Monday and they send a new Tuesday release right away. Works for me quite often.

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