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Great news. My parents are in Las Cruces too and they had 2-day turnarounds for a long time. They'll be happy to hear about this.


There is a new shipping center in Lubbock, TX that opened just a couple weeks ago.


There is an easy way to determine which center your movies are coming from. Go to http://www.netflix.com/Help while logged in and it will let you know where your titles are being shipped from.


I live in southern Maine, my return envelopes used to say "Manchester NH" but a while ago they changed to "Portsmouth NH" which is closer. I also remember seeing an ad where Netflix was hiring a driver. I put the two things together and assumed that they hadn't built another processing center, but that they were having discs held at more post offices and having their own drivers pick them up. Makes sense since they can get them picked up in the morning and processed the same day, but if they waited for the USPS to deliver it might be too late to process the same day.


That explains the one day turnaround for me last week with my selections.

Great News!


I had no clue that this happened. I was wondering why I was getting my movies so quick. Not complaining. It's been awesome. I've been able to watch 5 movies a week!


I just noticed it today when I sent mine back. It's great news! I've been using my ROKU as well, anyone else got one?


I noticed a few days ago. I am very very happy. Know I'm getting my movies quicker.

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