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Agree with most on the comments. I sent a (polite) comment to Blockbuster asking them what is difference between the 15.99 mail only plan (3 at a time) vs the 34.99 mail + unlimited exchange plan. I also asked if I can get back a prorated portion of the fee I paid if I canceled immediately (I'll let people know if I get a reasonable response).

The only advantage I can see to the exchange plans is for weekend rentals as Blockbuster doesn't ship Sat/Sun... other than that it seems like ridiculous spin to cut costs and BB hopes people don't realize the change.


This sucks with a capital S. I have the 3 out at a time plan and let me tell you they make money off me as I don't have much time to watch movies. So I keep them for a LONG time. The in store exchange is great when I want a just release movie. But now they are trying to screw us over with this "new feature". So I am saying bye bye to Blockbuster after my current month subscription runs out. I am going to Netflix. Way to go Blockbuster!


For those cheaters in Blockbuster - A notification would be nice instead of scamming your customers into thinking there's DVDs coming in from the mail from the in store exchange just to find out NOPE, not until you return what you rented in the store first. If this is the new thing - why bother pay extra for 5 or more in-store exchanges if they won't ship your next movies? Might as well downgrade to just unlimited mailings - I'll test Netflix and cancel Blockbuster - I hope blockbuster do go bankrupt because they're swindlers!
Another one of they're tactic is hold on to the returned DVDs for more than 48 hours after they received it before mailing the next DVDs.


Blockbuster execs are counting on angry "frequent" customers to cancel their memberships. They're less interested in competing with NetFlix and more interested in returning the company to profitability. By getting all pissed off and cancelling, you'r giving them exactly what they want.


I changed my account to "Blockbuster By Mail". Yesterday (Tuesday) I took an online DVD to the store so I would get my next title shipped today (Wednesday). The "team member" at the store who is also a store manager told me this rental would not have a due date. I explained my account is "Blockbuster By Mail". When I got home I check my queue and saw that title is now listed as one of my outstanding movies. I called customer service. After about 30 minutes I was told this was a "glitch" in the system and it would be fixed so a movie would be sent today. Checking my queue today I see it is not fixed so I called customer service. After about 20 minutes I was told it would be fixed but another DVD would not be sent until I returned that one. They will send me a coupon for my trouble. A coupon worth $1.99 for almost 1 hour of my time.

They tell me my next exchange will work correctly. Does anyone believe that? How many "glitches" does Blockbuster have in its systems? Blockbuster can't seem to get it right!


Cancel your Blockbuster accounts! It's easy to do online (I just did it) and it gives you a chance to type up a reason for canceling (though it was hard for me to keep mine within the 2000 character limit, I'm so ticked off about these new changes). I've been a loyal online customer since the program started, I used to tell everybody how wonderful it was, and this is how they treat us? Besides sending e-mails that never get read, how can we contact Blockbuster to let them know how angry we are?


Those jerks! They're trying to keep their brick and mortar stores in business! I hate them! LOL.

Seriously folks, yeah I know it sucks for us because it was a great situation, but think of it as if you were trying to run a business. In the previous model I could get my online movies and then exchange them at the store. I get my instant movie and then they send me another movie. In the mean time what is my incentive to get the movie back to the store??? Umm, absolutely nothing. I've held on to movies for over a month and guess what my fee was? I believe $1.50 because they charge you to refund your card or whatever. If only a few people were doing the same thing at my store then they were missing movies for a looooong time which effects their availability drastically. Plus there are some pretty steep fees for authorizing that movie purchase on a person's credit card and then refunding it. Honestly I'm shocked it took them so long to fix this problem with their business.

I also don't understand how anyone can say it completely eliminates their advantage over NF. I used to have Netflix and sometimes I was lazy or whatever and didn't have a movie and had to go to Blockbuster and rent one for $4.99 or whatever the fee is. That pretty much blew my cost advantage. With Blockbuster I can still do that, I just need to get the movie back to the store to kick off the next mailing. Fine with me, it still satisfies the instant gratification.

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