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Since my first option is Blu Ray I rarely get something new.

Thats ok...I'm sure they will expand BR in due time.

Hunter McDaniel

Only 3 out of 80 in my queue have any wait at all. I'm a moderately heavy renter, but I guess my tastes are odd enough that I don't have to wait often. Also, I don't have BluRay yet.


I've been renting old tv shows from the 80's and nineties...I forgot how good shows like Northern Exposure and the X-Files were.


6 of 56 of the movies that have been released are showing waits. I used to never have problems, but since Christmas I have had a lot of problems. I've had pineapple express at number 1 since it was released. I'm not sure if it is because I used to put the movies in my queue a lot earlier or if there is another issue.


I expect to wait a few weeks for new releases, but Wall-E has sit at the top of my queue since its release in mid-November. The only change has been from 'Very Long Wait' to 'Long Wait'. Very disappointing.


I seldom queue new releases, but when I do, I get them right away.


I have three queues, and only one that's for movies (the other two are for documentaries and TV shows). My DVD/time period ratio is 38/4, 54/1 and 134/7. I also tend to get new releases pretty fast unless there's a whole slew of popular movies that are released during the same two or three week period. Those sometimes take a while to all get to me.


I rarely get new releases. I tried but they always kept them as long long wait or long wait. I gave up on getting them so I started just watching old movies.
I finally got 2 new releases this week but not sure How that ever happened. Surprised me.


I tend to put new releases lower in my queue, which tends to help I think. Occasionally they'll pop up to "Short wait" or even "long wait" but by the time they move from #11 in my queue to #1 they're available as "Now" It probably helps that I'm on the 1 DVD out plan and tend to only get 1-2 movies in any given week. I fill the gap with instant watch (until Charter throttled me.)


I think its always a problem after Christmas, new members, gift subscriptions and lots of big summer movies coming out. I have more then enough in my que to keep me busy until I get the newest release :)


26% here. I keep my queue slim and trim - currently only have 15 movies in my queue. I am pretty anal about my use of Netflix. I'm on the one movie at a time plan - I get 2 movies a week - one on Tuesday (usually new a release) and one on Friday. I don't understand why people have huge queues, or why people rent TV shows from Netflix. If you have a huge queue, do expect to really watch all those movies? I understand it is more cost effective to rent TV shows from Netflix as opposed to the local store or buying them, but seasons of TV shows take too long to watch and thus your queue gets jammed up.


I have over 200 netflix movies in my queue so I can add new releases now and get them with no wait in a year or two. I currently have 3 movies with wait periods and they are all at least 10 years old.

There is no good solution to this problem. Everyone wants the new releases the first week they are available then netflix has to purchase a lot of copies. Then a few months later when they are no longer popular they have too many discs. Unless you want to see netflix costs go up relax and watch some oldies.


This is recent for me too. Starting recently, I am seeing longer wait time for movies that have been out for a while now (case in point, Pineapple express, wall-e). Initially I thought may be I was getting throttled but after seeing this post, I feel the wait time might be for real as they are just too many subscribers.


I have 90 movies in my queue, including "WALL-E" (another commenter said it's been in their queue since November), and every movie shows available NOW.

Though maybe I'm just lucky or it's my region (near Sacramento, CA), I also have to wonder if it's a throttling issue.

I've been a very LIGHT user for the last month. I just moved and had my account on hold from Sept to mid-January. I don't even have my DVD player unpacked yet, and have been so busy I haven't been returning the few DVDs I've ordered very fast.

Once I'm back in the swing, I wonder if my queue will start turning red, too?


They don't call it throttling anymore, but there is some prioritization going on for heavy users. I have over 50 movies in my queue. All have wait periods. I got so fed up with the 2 times that I called Neflix in the last 2 weeks that I decided to throttle Netflix and go from unlimited 4-at-a-time to 2 movies per month.


I agree with Nathan and that’s why it doesn't bother me altho I do wish they would add a few Blu-Ray movies. I have been a member for a long time and I know I never had to wait as long for BR's as I have ever waited for Standard Movies.

It’s a minor gripe really. Waits are just part of it.


It has became terrible for me as well. I am in the same boat as Pal above - waiting on Wall-E since it's release!!!

Here are the first 7 movies in my queue they have been moved to the top as they continue to skip over them. I did not group them together like this - it's just they have jumbled up as they keep getting passed over:

Sleeping Beauty: Bonus - Short Wait
WALL-E - Short Wait
WALL-E: Bonus Material - Short Wait
SpongeBob SquarePants: Spongicus - Long Wait
Space Buddies - Long Wait
Open Season 2 - Very Long Wait
Rockford Files: Season 6: Disc 2 - Short Wait

I have 27 that are out on DVD currently and 15 are showing as some sort of wait! (55%)


I never get new releases anymore. Very frustrated with Netflix. The ONLY reason I havent cancelled and just gone to Hollywood Video's monthly plan is the depth of their catalog. But its not worth never getting a new movie. Pineapple Express is STILL listed as Very Long Wait in my queue. Its been out for 6-8 weeks and still a 30 day wait? Come on. I am planning on changing my plan down to the minimum for unlimited streaming.

Greg Mars

what's the deal with Yellow Submarine. Will I get it? Has anyone successfully gotten it? Does it really exist? What is the problem here?


I almost never have any wait, but then who would want to watch a new release? Have you seen what has come out in the last couple years? I would rather clean the bathroom.


I have 70 titles in my queue. 1 has a short wait and one has a long wait.


The Shield Season one disc one has been in my queue for 3 months now... at position number one... and on regular DVD...

about 30-40% of my queue is short to long wait...


If I happen to send back a movie on Friday or Saturday, I usually get a new release on Tuesday. If I miss the movie when it comes out, sometimes the wait takes forever(Tropic Thunder took about 2 months for me to get). It has gotten to the point where I supplement my Netflix with new releases from Redbox. If it's something I know I will watch that night, I'll rent it. I've done this to avoid huge waits on The Pineapple Express, Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian, etc. Unfortunately, I am stuck with Zack and Miri at the top of my queue, and I don't think my local Redbox carries it. It's all good though, I've been watching alot of older movies.

Im Not A Turnip

Out of 118 discs, 8 (6%) are short wait, 1 (1%) is very long wait


3.7% of my queue is in the red (excluding releases coming up in the next few weeks). Since my queue is more than 370 items long, that seems reasonable to me.

Of course, I watch a lot of TV shows and I don't get much competition for A Touch of Frost, Season 5, Disc 2. If I did, then maybe my attitude about Netflix would change dramatically - for now, though, still all hunky dorey.


I have 322 items in my queue, and 18 of them (about 6%) have a wait status. This has gone up dramatically in the past couple of weeks. Before then, I'd only have two or three discs with a wait at any given time. I don't usually go for new releases in my queue, so most of these are old TV series, with a few old movies as well.


12 of my 38 BD choices in my queue are a wait of some degree. I find the wait times, especially with BD, are ridiculously long. On top of that, I'm paying more for BD. I am growing to depsise Netflix and am considering Blockbuster. There is no way that these discs are strictly first come-first served. I have 3-out plan and rent an average of 9 discs per month. I am definately being toyed with.


208 movies in my queue, 103 have a wait. Ever since I started getting discs from Lubbock, TX instead of Coppell, this has happened. The majority of the short waits are older titles, not newer releases.


I don't often request movies as soon as they're released, but when I do I usually get them promptly. To Pal (commenter #5), if there's a movie in theaters you think you want to see, don't wait until it's released to add it to your queue. Look it up on Netflix and hit the Save button. That may factor into your getting it more quickly... i.e. first to queue, first to receive.

Think for yourself

why are people so naive as to believe that what netflix shows as disc availability is actually the truth?

Mike  Donovan

I have 102 movies in my queue and 35 of them have a wait. Honestly, for me, I wonder about queue throttling as many of the titles are classics and such that I can't imagine having any wait at all.


i have 120 items in my queue and 30 have some form a wait on them. Three even have very long wait on them. I do rent new releases often and have to wait way too long to get them


i have 419 movies in my queue and quite a few of the most popular (and most obscure) have some sort of wait. I am just a movie junkie and there are plenty of movies I want to see in no particular order. Having a really big queue lets me be far more flexible when it comes to 'wait" issues, and yes I eventually plan to plow through the whole list (i've had over 250 dvds in the past 9 months).....I think its a temporary issue.....


I am just like many others, I had Wall-E in my queue before it was even released to DVD(it was released 11/18/2008) and I just got it last week. Right now I only have four new releases in my queue and one of them is not released until March 10th. Two of them are long wait and one is very long wait(Open Season 2).

Maybe they should get more copies or just put them on Watch Now!


For all practical purposes, I believe Netflix has stopped 'throttling'. Instead, they are 'prioritizing'. (i think that is their term). In other words, if you are a heavy user, you will play hell trying to get a new release. You will get lessor demand movies from your queue instead. I believe there is an article somewhere on the internet that explains the new procedure Netflix is using on heavy users. And yes, i have a LOT of RED in my queue. So much, in fact, that i am taking a break from my monthly rentals from them.


I have the 5 out at a time plan and use to get new releases on a regular basis. I do not generally queue major new release titles but queue cult, docs, independent movies. However, I'm not even getting those anymore. I rarely will have 5 movies sent to me at a time. I'm maybe getting two to three a week. Netflix needs to concentrate on their established customer base. We have been faithful. Netflix can certainly set aside a number of new release for new customers while still satisfying it's established customer base. I may downgrade if this continues...

Dilson Ramirez

Why should I continue with my subscription when I cant get a movie. Netflix is getting paid every month( $15 x 10,000,000) but I cant seem to get Pinapple Express for over a month and a half. And thats BD or DVD! I'm sure you have anylist to predict the influx of customers. Everyone is going to get Netflix eventually, we get it, it rocks now can you take some of that advertising money and buy some more movies!!!

Jeff R.

You guys are all high-volume users.

My queue has 117 movies in it. Zero of those movies have any wait status other than "now."

I don't have any new releases in my queue right now, but I generally don't have much trouble getting them. Of course I'm a low volume user. I probably get 6-8 movies a month on a 3 out plan, and I use "Watch Instantly" quite a bit.


With a queue of 149 titles, only one of them is on short wait (Religulous). It helps that I'm not a big fan of new releases, I'd rather watch all the classics I'm not able to find elsewhere.


I have over 300 DVDs in my queue. I have enough to get through before new releases. I have no complaint about the new releases, they are just put on a queue just like the rest.

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