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Daniel Choi......Well done!


Not sure if this one has been mentioned, but this is another great netflix streaming titles list that contains the actual names of new tv episodes, etc.

Here it is



great idea and but what are the rules of the watch instant

i been watching disney shows on netflix

i look and it say that it will expire in 2010

so will it after 2010 to 2011

so all shows has one year deal with the netflix


how does netflix watch instant really work


what about the "hd" titles?


They need to add sorting by release year


Is there a way to find all the TV shows that are streaming the latest episodes? I know CSI and NCIS are both available a day or two after their new episodes air, but would love to find a complete list of all the other shows streaming their current seasons on Netflix.


Oops, duh, JLo above just posted a great resource for that (finding out which TV shows are streaming their new eps on Watch Instant). Sorry I missed that first time around!

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