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Well I hope that Xbox decides to extend. I have an xbox, and like my gold membership anyway (I enjoy beating my friends at TF2) so I wouldn't want to pay for a Roku or the like.


Are they serious about BluRay being more fragile? As in the discs break or scratch easier? I though supposedly one of the nice improvements about them was that they were much more scratch-resistant and even saw a video where someone did progressively meaner things to a BR disc and their PS3 kept playing it, except when they aggressively and lengthily scratched it with coarse steel wool.

Hunter McDaniel

Nope, the BluRay format has always been fragile. Early on it was considered possible that the format might require caddies to protect the disc.

The HD-DVD format used processes that were a lot closer to current DVD technology, and would probably have had better durability.


OK, but again, how do you define "fragile"? What exactly is "fragile" about them?

pooper magoo

It means the discs are breaking or cracking. That kind of fragile since they are supposed to be scratch resistant.

The disadvantage of the application is the discs break easier.


Thanks for the reply, pooper (heh, nice name). At least it helps confirm that the physical object has some advantages over the old discs, even if it's a tradeoff. (I wonder why they can't be both rugged and scratch resistant?!)

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