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This doesn't take into account that streaming titles allow you to partially watch something. I know I've used Watch Now to preview a movie because I couldn't tell from the description if I had seen it before. As soon as you watch any part of a title then NF will count it as watched. This happens with DVDs too but not nearly as often I'm guessing.


Anyone kinda worried about security with this thing?


This also doesn't take into account the fact that many people use Watch Instantly to watch TV shows. So if you watch 4 episodes of a TV show on Watch Instantly, that counts as 4 views. If you had watched the same 4 episodes on DVD, they likely would have been on the same disc and would only count as one DVD rental.


DVDs are fading as a technology. They enabled a terrific boom in video rental stores. That boom is over now. Independent video rental stores are closing. The DVD also potentiated the NetFlix boom which has yet to peak.

DVDs offer medium quality video, good capacity, and mailability. They are also cheap. Blu-ray offers better quality, plenty of capacity and mailability. Alas they are not cheap. If they ever become cheap, DVDs will fade even faster.

When FTTH becomes common in about five years, broadcast TV will probably present an image quality superior to that available now on Blu-ray. Blu-ray will probably then fade also.

I still have a lot of vinyl LPs and a turntable. People will probably keep their Blu-ray players and disk collections indefinitely. But they won't buy new disks just as I don't buy new LPs anymore.

Daniel Nasrallah

OK so is there a correct graph that shows the instant watches vs shipments?
all i really need to know is if shipments are higher then instant watched


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