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No, the "movie part" of 12% of the DVDs are available online. Additional content is not yet available online for any DVD. The streaming business has reduced DVD content to the equivalent of VHS content.

They have a very long way to go before they get to the content level of the DVD service.


Yes, didn't Reed say they would need many more DVD subscribers before they reach critical mass, to be able to negotiate the price of content the way the networks do?


I didn't think they were abandoning DVD rentals... but I AM concerned that having a streaming-only plan will give them an excuse to boost prices for all their plans at once.

If they want to do streaming only, then it should be about $7.49 a month. If they settle on something closer to $10 a month, that means the other plans will all go up in price, otherwise streaming only doesn't make sense.


"but I AM concerned that having a streaming-only plan will give them an excuse to boost prices for all their plans at once."

Except for my $1 increase for Blu-Ray I have been paying the same price since 2004 I think. I'm expecting a increase soon. A small reasonable increase would be ok with me. Maybe $2 or $3 on my 2 at a time plan.

Edward R Murrow

When it comes to online content, Netflix is far from being the master of it's own destiny. If Netflix doesn't kowtow to the studios every minute, they can easily be cut out of negotiations for streaming content now and in the future. The content from Netflix's Red Envelope was so bad that Netflix killed the initiative of creating their own content.

A good analogy when it comes to content acquisition is Netflix being at a poker table with just a few chips while the cable companies and networks have stacks and stacks of chips in front of them. Netflix will always get outbid and forced to suckle the hind tit.


People are funny when it comes to pricing. Everyone was happy when it was DVDs only, then they included free streaming, now people will complain if they want to charge for it. But of course it's coming. I would imagine they'll stay with the original pricing for DVDs only and charge extra for access to the streaming stuff. They know that at least most of the people with streaming devices will pay.


I have an unrelated question - when I go to the Netflix site, at the top it says "Important reminder" and wants me to agree to the terms again. Does this happen for everyone, did the agreement change, or what? I notice that the agreement says that they can charge for lost discs, did it always say that?

Edward R Murrow

I don't know how I missed this, but if they get this to work, it would be very cool!

Microsoft and Blockbuster hook up to offer mobile media content


I would hope they don't ever abandon discs. How many jobs would be lost if they did? geez!

plus it's going to take forever for all of their customers to jump on board the Watch instantly.

I still can't watch on my computer because I have a Power PC mac.

sure I could get a roku but do I really need to watch movies while I'm waiting for movies to come in the mail? seems a bit excessive. DVDs are just too easy


To KH: The terms were rewritten. Click, read-if you care to-accept and they go away. Otherwise after the 50th time you enter the website signed in, the reminder will go away automatically.


I'm still waiting for my extra $1/month Blu-ray luxury fee to have any positive benefit. The day NetFlix asks me to pony up extra $$$ to use my Roku will be the day my Roku will be available for purchase on EBay. DVD's vs. IPstreams - DVD's win every time.


Funny. Companies still haven't learned yet that when they craft a press release, in this day and age, they need to sit down and think, "How can thousands of morons on the internet misinterpret this, and force us releasing an explanatory supplement that re-explains the obvious."


I dread the day that all movies become available on instant watch. When that becomes the standard, we are all going to be watching low quality compressed streaming video rather than Blu-Ray.

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