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Unfortunately it doesn't seem to support multiple Que's. The only app that really did was Netflix Freak and that app is now defunct. I suspect it's more of a case that the Netflix APIs don't offer easy way's to link into multiple profiles? Netflix Freak just cashed your credentials locally and logged into the profiles as needed. Seamless to me as a user but that's what it was doing on the back end. I use 3 profiles to manage my movies, tv shows, and stuff I watch with my wife.

Tom Trenka

The Netflix API doesn't really allow for accessing multiple profiles through a single user; instead, they treat each profile as a separate user.

Queued was designed to allow for multiple users on a single machine; however, it does this via Adobe AIR's "multiple login design". What that basically translates to is that each login on your machine (OS level login) can run Queued, and a separate database will be created for them. So if you have 3 logins on our Windows or Mac, each one can run Queued and sign into Netflix as a separate user.

I hope that helps!


This looks neat. But, with having an always "on" internet connection I don't see the point of this. How hard is it to open your browser and type Netflix.com?

I just don't see the point, unless you just want a different layout to look at instead of the official Netflix interface.

Nat Mishkin

Nice app, but what I'm looking for is a tool that helps me more effectively manage my queue of 200+ items. The Queue program is only marginally more efficient in information presentation than the Netflix web page is.

Some ideas:

  • Smaller font and less white space

  • "At Home", "Queued" and "Saved" as separate tabs

  • Display lists in multiple columns

  • Better management of the transition of items from the "Saved" to the "Queued" list (so I don't fail to notice that such a move has happened)

I guess I should download the code and give a whack at it myself :-)


Is there any way to move queued items around in groups? Or any way to sort alphabetically or by genre and then save the reordered queue? I would think that an app should offer a bit more than bare minimum web page functionality.


I would love to see the ability to sort the movies in my queue by genre. PlayOn does this for the PS3 and Xbox and it's incredible. I don't see why netflix themselves haven't picked up on this


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