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I'm not surprised since CBS bought TV.com and said their putting their stuff on there, NBC had to drop out (and NBC-Universal produces house, not to mention that Fox is a partial owner in Hulu as well.)

I just wish that someone would realize this is a viable method to make money by hosting entire series online. When I wanted to start watching heros (before season 3) I had no way of catching up via (legal) online ad supported videos. (I don't even thing Netflix had it yet.)

nipsey russell

what will happen to play on???


I've tried to watch TV shows on the Internet via network websites & secondaries like hulu, etc. I don't find it an enjoyable viewing experience so even "free" is over priced in my opinion.

Hunter McDaniel

This has always been the main problem with online video - the studios want to grab the lion's share of the revenue and work on exclusive deals that prevent any single platform from having a big enough catalog to be compelling. Who wants to buy separate solutions for NBC vs. CBS vs. Fox?

There is no shortage of content. IMHO Netflix has been smart to stock their Instant service with older content where the studios don't have so much leverage. Even if 90% of it is schlock (which is also true of the NEW content on broadcast TV and cable), the other 10% is more than I could watch over the rest of my life.

watch lost

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Retro Jordan

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