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We watch mostly tv shows and they don't even include all of the episodes for streaming so I would have to say no until their complete library is available.

On a side note according to the Seattle Times a state legislator is trying to get a tax placed on streaming movies and games.



I love streaming movies, documentaries and history channel and PBS shows and I really, really love the Roku player.

I would switch to a Streaming Only plan in a hot second, but ONLY if we could stream ALL of Netflix's available content. Until then, no dice. There just isn't quite enough that I actually want to watch so I have to supplement it with DVDS.

Also, I'm sick of "Watch Now" titles expiring. Why is this even necessary when it's a 20 year old movie?


I'd like the ability to have the option to have a sub-account that is only streaming.


If Netflix would be able to stream new release titles in HD along with their bonus content, I would pay up to double my subscription rate per month.

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Diane Calhoun, Lincoln


Walking Turtle

Netflix Streaming-Only? Yes, I WOULD pay hard American cash for that. Even without new Hollywood releases. The fresh indie releases are the entire point, for this funny-hatted Producing Hot Glass Artist. (Visit the Web site; my name, below, links to it.)

On a friend's streaming+discs NetFlix account (he enjoys both ways), I have discovered such under-rated masterpieces as the Australian indie film, "Ten Canoes", which is not to be missed by anyone with even a flickerin' spark of respect for the human spirit. Then there was that up-front and personal documentary from Cambodia (forgot the title durnit), featuring the former top-dog Khmer Rouge man who once operated Pol Pot's primary "confess-first-and-then-you-can-die" torture prison. (That man was recently put on trial in Phnom Penh for his life, on war crimes and crimes against humanity charges, last I read in the back-channels.)

Then there is "Interstate 60" - a fine "Off-the-Mainstream" flick I'd show again and again to all manner of life-confused friends of every stripe. Too many others to list; point is made anyway.

But do we want Netflix streaming-only accounts? Please, YES*! Peg it at, say, the same rate as the lowball one-DVD-per-month offering and see how many subscribers just send the money, consume the bandwidth, and never even bother to avail themselves of the Netflix Corporate Bulk Mail Permit at all! :)

*Just kindly DO make it Linux compatible (which will require NetFlix Corp to merely first commission and then release a freely downloadable DRM widget/extension for Linux FireFox) and baby, I'm THERE paying a year in *advance* - just like my Skype "not-a-telephone" VOIP account, which costs me the same amount as I'd expect to be paying for access to the movies.

Boys, do this and I give you my personal Sideline Guarantee that you shall indeed significantly improve the bottom line. Or I'll end up eating my Funny Hat in public over the point. (The hat ain't pizen nor septic, OK, only extremely, ah, /chewy/.)

Go ahead, Netflix exex. Sixty-dollar Revenue Chunks - canya' *handle* the Bandwidth Demand on that basis? I think you can. (You know you want to.)

Operate it all by the John 8:32 Protocols and she'll fly just fine.

Round and Brown

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