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Why don't I ever get emails about these surveys from Netflix? I have the option checked to receive surveys and info about Netflix in my account...

I would definitely opt in for NF on my Wii, no questions asked.


what's the deal with the disc? all PS3s have plenty of harddrive space.


Wii streaming, pleez.


Wii! It's the market leader, why not?


If you want PS3 streaming try Play On by media mall. it turns your computer into a media server that will stream netflix, hulu, cbs, and espn. and they will have wii support later this year. they give you a 2 week free trial, then its 30.00 the image quality looks great.



i'd buy it!


Id definitely support for the Wii. I have an XBox360 but have yet to spend the $100 for a wireless router and then another $70 for "gold status". With the Wii its already set up so, yes.

Adam Fields

My guess is that the disc is some sort of decryption key. That's weird, because the PS3 obviously has support for that built in. Maybe they didn't want to license it from Sony, or maybe Sony demanded that they do it this way because they're competing with Sony's own download service.


Assuming that understand all this, this seems like a bad idea.

I bought a Ruku box for the NetFlix streaming. If I get an LG Blu-ray player I can eliminate one cord and watch NetFlix from my Blu-ray player. But then I will lose Amazon and any other service Roku subsequently adds.

The same thing seems true of a game console. These devices can include NetFlix but will they include Amazon too? All the players are competing to dominate the consumers equipment cabinet. Its too early to pick a winner but I'm planning to get a new receiver with as many HDMI ports as I can afford.


I agree Mike, what's interesting is that it does appear that the X-Box/Microsoft deal has a time limit that is not that long. I would previously have guessed that it's at least a year, or maybe more, but maybe it's less.


Wii! Wii! Wii. But because that's what I own.

Jason, the PlayON software sounded great so I went over to the website only to find that it's PC only. Mac users are left out (again). I'd buy that software in a minute if they had it for the Mac.

P.S. I never seem to get the netflix surveys, either.

what's the deal with the disc? all PS3s have plenty of harddrive space.

Sony will not work with Netflix to implement the software via the PS3 OS, so the only option available to Netflix is through a Java application running through Blu-ray's mandatory Java virtual machine, which Sony can do nothing to block. (And, unless Netflix were to implement system checks, would make the disc compatible with any Blu-ray player on the market, a definite plus.)

I think this would be wonderful and have been hoping for it to happen for ages. Please do it, NF!

paul Martin

would def get for PS3. it would save me the slight hassle of having to connect my macbook to dvi - hdmi and connect the sound to stream on my 52" flatscreen. the ps3 is always connected so that would be very nice.


I have Playon and I am a Mac guy too. I just use an old laptop to do it (it is a bit slower, but it is a dedicated box so it chugs along ok). Or just setup a VM with Fusion and run it there. Playon is great because it does Netflix, Hulu, Amazon VOD, CNN, CBS and Youtube.

It only works on the PS3 now, but they say the Wii support is coming this year. But I would probably still get the 9.99 disc just to see what the official experience is like.


I have both a Wii and PS3. I would much rather have it on PS3 since the Wii can't do HD.


PS3 9.99 disc!!, don't want to waste 30 bucks on playon


wii please, I'd actually prefer they just make the roku box a little more versatile! Hulu and what not. I'd pay a couple of the roku's and cancel the cable!




Go get the fool who messed with the iPhone to screw with a PS3 and stream da shyznit.

So I have come to find out that NETFLIX does not manufacture, produce, or technically support the ROKU player. You want more "versatility" or entertainment options on these ROKU players then take it to ROKU's doorstep. Hackingroku.com?

These licensing and bidding for content wars are just beginning. Each Internet movie and T.V. show provider is gaging their value. Networks are too. You might have to drum up like 2 Gs just to get Youtube and Netflix and Hulu and then all the the crap that's going to buy into streaming.


PS3 for sure! Wii doesnt support the HD like PS3 does. Instead of making it a one time disc. Why not throw it up on the Playstation Network for $10, so users dont have to get up and put the disc in.


A coulple of notes.

I have the Roku player and a Wii that has full access to my wireless network.

As stated, Wii's improved resolution option is 480p over component cables.

I have the Wii browser - Opera - installed on the Wii thru the Wii Channel - cost $5.

In the future, this looks like it would be another Wii channel - seeing your selections on a channel and playing your choices.

I have a bookmark in Opera to go to Netflix so - in a pinch instead of using a computer - I can browse selections and choose another choice for my Roku but this is a clunky browser and does not always work well (also not so fast on my 10MB/2MB connection).




I've been asking for Netflix instant viewing on the PS3 for a long time. PLEASE hook us up Netflix!


I also urge PS3 owners to submit a request to Sony asking them to support Netflix instant viewing on the PS3. You can contact the Sony PS3 team here: http://playstation.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/playstation.cfg/php/enduser/ask.php


I would vote PS3. PS3 is a better option. Especially since it offers high definition connectivity (something that much inferior Wii just cannot do)


Definitely, Opera on Wii. The browser on PS3 is bloated and slow.


It's not Sony not working with Netflix. Netflix license DRM solutions from Microsoft. That's why until Silverlight hit Mac OSX, all the apple devices were out of luck for streaming. Silverlight's relative openness compared to the old Microsoft DRM solution, allows there to be a much better possibility of a solution being made.

I support my PS3 over my Wii for netflix streaming, because of Video Quality (in terms of output), possible sound quality (and channels), and lastly because I see me using my existing PS3 remote (DVD/Blueray) to have a nicer experience than doing it with a wiimote (even ps3 controller may beat wiimote, since it would need less on screen control)




I just got a survey from Netflix to show up in Los Gatos for a "Research Project". They're rewarding my time with 6 months free. Anyone every hear about these? I live in San Jose


I'd love to have this on the Wii (especially for a nominal *one time* fee); it would save the trouble of hooking the laptop up to the living room plasma.

Joe Luna

Instead of a $9.99 disk, how about a $29.99 Netflix branded 16gb SDHC for the Wii. The newest Wii firmware upgrade allows for games/apps to run directly off an SD Card. I can picture a red Netflix SDHC card being sold which would leave the disk out of the equation and 16gb would also allow for more storage.


Hey Netflix, stream to any old scank you want but just make sure the streams to my Roku are pristine & trouble free.


I would love the ps3 option. I own 2 ps3 and 3 xbox 360s. Im tired of paying up the butt for gold just to stream netflix. I pay for online gaming, but having a gold subscription to stream is over kill for me. NETFLIX would prosper in my opinion. Why settle for one platform doing this would bring in so many more clients wanting to pay for NETFLIX. Come on NETFLIX lets fix this. MULTI PLATFORM.

Steven Jenkins

The Wii, please! Wii would definitely buy this option!!


Yeah, I've been wanting it on PS3 for a while now. Of course, I also wouldn't mind it on my Tivo, but they decided to only support the Series 3 models and leave those of us with Series 2 out in the cold.

It's a nice feature, but the picture and sound quality is significantly better with the actual discs so it gets relegated to things I have slightly less interest in, uncertain of, or where I feel that the loss in quality won't be as notable and I don't really want to waste a full rental on it.

It would be nice if they could manage to stop constantly losing streaming titles though. I think my queue has lost something like twenty of them out of around 100 total. Still, it's only a small drop in the bucket compared to my routinely pushing above 500 main queue. If anything I wish they'd expand the queue maximum size. Not all of us only have a dozen fairly recent releases in ours. Almost a century of filmmaking around the world tends to need a bit of space y'know.



(for goodness sakes if you'd just make yourselves able to stream on opera browsers, you'd be there already.)


Playing with Play On on a spare PC. Could keep me from selling my PS3 and buying a high end LG player to get netflix. we'll see. So far it works well. Might upgrade the home wifi router to N standards if the PS3 supports that. anybody know?


I would definitely buy the 9.99 CD to use with my PS3.


ps3! we need it on the ps3 console! comeon netflix and sony!


I totally go for PlayStation3! We need these capabilities on the ps3! it would be realy disapointing not to have these capabilities on the ps3. we need to spread the word and support netflix streaming to ps3!

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