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If it was no additional monthly fee, I'd be interested, but Sirius is kind of hurting for money right now (Which is a shame, because next to Netflix, it's my favorite company). I just can't afford another activation + Monthly fee for something I probably wouldn't listen to as much as I would the Sirius in my truck.

Sirius recently announced that online listening was now going to cost extra (It used to be included - unless you wanted to hear the higher quality stream, at which point you paid a few bucks more), so it's obvious they are trying to work on some new ways to get some revenue... I was mad at first, but I can't blame them.

For those that don't have SiriusXM, it is simply excellent... I still find it hard to believe that some people still listen to FM... I would have shot myself a long time ago if I was stuck listening to that crap.


Considering Sirius/XM are subscription based services, I doubt it would be free. They may be looking at the Roku as a way to expand their subscriptions by providing a method to receive their service that doesn't require purchasing new equipment. However, most cable service such as Comcast already include commercial-free music channels. Most radio stations broadcasting in HD have a second commercial-free station as well.


No, because they'd likely charge for it.


I'd be interested in listening to Pandora on Roku. I've never had satellite radio and don't plan to.


I had XM on a Chevy I had, the first three months where free. I maybe listened to it a five times, just cause I was checking it out.

No thanks!


I just canceled sirius after half a decade of great service but they destroyed my favorite channels with the merger. Playlists were terrible for my taste.

Still…its cool to see Roku giving me so many options even if I won't use them all.


@banter It's interesting because many XM listeners felt the same way after the merger. I guess the new company wound up pleasing no one (I tend to listen to talk radio, XMU, and Chill so I'm still happy).


"I had XM on a Chevy I had, the first three months where free. I maybe listened to it a five times, just cause I was checking it out.
No thanks!"

You obviously don't appreciate good music with no commercials. Enjoy AM radio, Del.

Dee Brat

The only thing I'd like 2 c added to Roku is Hulu!!


@ Joel

yeah I can imagine...I am into somewhat obscure music (Indie Rock) which is what drove me to sirius inthe first place and my favorite channel got replaced by some college import radio station that just doesn't do it for me.

I am a huge music lover and since I dropped sirius I have discovered plenty of free online music stations and my old sirius money goes into itunes. So now my ipod hooks into the dash instead of a satellite radio.

Satellite radio is an awesome thing for people really into music but my specific genre just got killed. I almost drove off the road when I heard Brittany Spears playing.


I still can't believe that the merger of Sirius and XM got through the lawyers/gov't. Perhaps combining two struggling competitors will work out in the end. Time will only tell on that one.
I listen to free music on last.fm and pandora.com at work. I know it's only older music but I'm not one to keep current in that media. When I'm at home it's video time, not audio time and Roku delivers Netflix streams like gangbusters.


Only if they include Opie & Anthony.


Pandora would be awesome. Never understood paying for radio.


Nope. Radio sucks. There's literally nothing on commercial radio that I'd be interested in, and NPR is free.

Don't waste the time or money, Roku. Get me some Hulu instead.


It is my understanding that Roku started as a radio company with its Soundbridge product. Adding SiriusXM to that product makes sense. Adding radio to a video box seems like an inessential upgrade.

BTW while I was shopping for a new receiver I noticed that many new models now have XM but you have to pay an ongoing license fee.


I'd completely love it... I'm already a subscriber, and if it used the current online login, I'd use it all the time... that said, I already have it on my directtv... but the Roku is doing a good job of eliminating my need for Dtv already ;)


Sirius/XM addition, yes!

Hulu, yes!

Pandora, yes!

Basically, everything *yes*, assuming we're not required to pay for any service we don't want to use.

Encourage Roku to keep developing the Player -- it will keep our boxes from being outdated sooner than later.


I would be interested in Sirius creating some sort of "On demand" interface.


You obviously don't appreciate good music with no commercials. Enjoy AM radio, Del.

No commercials? It had commercials when I listened to it, maybe not as much, but it had them. MCW

To me it just was not worth the price, if I just wanted to hear just music I would pop a CD in that I wanted to hear.


if I'm in my living room the last thing I'm going to do is listen to the radio.


They can add whatever they want to the box. Doesn't mean we have to use it all.

The more options on the box the merrier.


I probably wouldn't listen to it all that much even if it was free or even if I paid for it.


I already have Pandora on VUDU. I can't justify paying for Sirius.

I guess I wouldn't take it too serious. If you get what... I'm trying to... say here.


A developer called 'The Endless' has posted a beta for SiriusXM Online.


He says TVersity needs to be added to transcode the streams. Help him out.

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