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go for the wii fans first. thye have no netflix at all

playon already does a great job on the ps3


I know it's not a gaming platform, but I would love to see Netflix support for the TiVo Series 2 (which I believe are the vast majority of TiVos out there).


You mean they're NOT making "Netflix Shipping Center: The Game"?!?


ps3 you get your better quality streaming videos. You can also hardwire into your network on the ps3 whereas wii is only wireless which can lead to being unstable.

Anyways, ps3 is my vote


I don't think this ad proves much. If I were hiring for a single platform I might want someone who had experience with competitors.


"You mean they're NOT making "Netflix Shipping Center: The Game"?!?"

Thank you for giving me "Paper Boy" flashbacks. Guess I'm dusting off the Nintendo tonight.


PS3, good quality and there would be no need for XBox Gold Live subscription




Why or?

How about BOTH!

Just make it for both and release them at the same time.

Everyone wins and Netflix gets more platforms.


PS3 and WII!

or WII and PS3!



Wii would be a more appealing choice since many more casual gamers are likely to own the Wii and see it as an investment in entertainment more than a gaming console.


If it came down to one or the other, my money's on the PS3. There's already unofficial support to get streaming movies for it, so it seems to me like it would be a simple matter to add PS3 support.

Bryon Eldridge

Google Chrome


Just hope the PS3 & Wii doesn't release a firmware update to kill the Netflix disc that will allow playback. if this is a third party product.

Remember Codebreaker? It died.... Thanks to firmware updates.




Wii !!!! Netflix needs to bring on the Wii games to rent! This would be amazing.


Something tells me it won't be the PS3; Sony isn't exactly known as being a company that is interested in partnering with other companies, especially when they have what they consider to be a competing product. With that in mind, I don't see how Netflix could bring Instant Watch to the PS3.

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