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Redbox works well with the Netflix plan. We have several in the area. No waits for most new releases. Blockbuster could learn from these guys, but they won't.


I am not sure who Bernard is, but this is pretty obvious. The monday code they send out to people is for everyone and redbox ENCOURAGES people to share it with anyone they can. It is clear they use it to market their service.

I also believe it has to do with inventory management and clearing space out on Mondays because they add new releases on Tuesdays.

But it is not some kind of thing where the public is pulling one over on redbox, they ask us to share the code, and I am not sure how anyone who had a code did not know that.


The codes for Redbox make sense since IIRC they only cover one night. I'm willing to bet they make a good portion of the money back in both customer aquistion and people who forget to retrun them after one night.


The Monday codes are brilliant. It's a low-demand day, so they aren't losing any revenue. People either return it on Tuesday and are tempted with new releases, or they keep it until Wednesday and pay something anyway.

Steven Hoober

Breakrooms at stores (like grocery stores, not sure about McD's) have Redbox posters with a code on them. It never expires. And often it's posted where it's visible without sneaking around or working there.

Besides the obvious hack of taking that code for consumers, it's clear with these codes freely published their initial marketing plan was looking for upping the adoption rate above all other concerns.

Jeff from Knowzy

How cool is that? I'm going to give it a try.

The Redbox web site will send you a code via e-mail or text message every Monday around 10am CST. There's no need to seek them out elsewhere.


www.insideredbox.com also has the latest redbox news and codes. Some of the codes are specific to certain locations (walmart, walgreens) etc. Some are first time use codes. Most can be used once per credit card that you own. It keeps track if a code has already been used on that credit card, so that you don't abuse it.

tom p

This inspired me to join. There's several locations on the way to work which makes it convenient.

I think netflix should buy them. Then I could quickly return my movie and then get the next one that they have that is available from my queue! It would be the perfect marriage!


At my local rebox every Monday someone puts a post it note with the free code on the front screen of the redbox. The only bad thing is that the box is cleaned out of the good movies on Mondays, so they are not that great.

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