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Considering Comcast's record with customer service, and their tendency to jack up prices on a whim, I don't think anyone will ever trust them enough to threaten Netflix.

One thing Netflix has done right so far is to have good US-based customer service, with people who aren't reading from a script. As a customer I appreciate that, and my loyalty remains with Netflix, in part, because of that.

I am a Comcast subscriber, but I only do the lowest-tier basic cable for a few reasons; Everything after that is kind of a rip-off, and I want as little Comcast equipment in my entertainment center as possible. Less Comcast equipment means fewer need to call customer service, which means I'm less stressed.

There's nothing on expanded or digital cable that I can't get via Netflix, the Roku Player, Amazon Video On-Demand (via Roku), or direct on the Internet (for example, Daily Show, Colbert Report, and South Park are easily accessible on their own web sites, as well as others like Hulu).

The less Comcast in my life, the better.


Comcast is good and all... they're a hometown company and I know people that work for them, but...

...they will never have the selection of movies that netflix has!

I mean this week I watched "the whitest kids you know, the IT Crowd, JCVD, and Quarantine. and I have the first season of Father Ted ready to watch.


Comcast could be a serious threat to NetFlix, if it decided to offer reasonably priced offerings. That's unlikely. They already overcharge for every service they offer. And as they roll out DOCSIS 3, which is cheaper to provide than existent slower service, they demand a huge markup.


The NetFlix DVD library is vastly larger than what is available at any one time from Comcast OnDemand. OTH Comcast HD has a noticeably better image than any DVD.

I tend to now order just rare DVDs from NetFlix. For example there are two versions of Mozart's opera that he wrote at 14, "Mithradate Re di Ponto" available on NetFlix. Trust me, this is a very rare opera. It is essentially never performed anywhere. But two modern DVD recordings exist and are available on NetFix. I can compare the performances.

OTH if Starz on Comcast has a new movie like the "Wrestler" - I will watch it there rather than NetFlix because the broadcast HD image is better than the DVD image and the marginal cost for each is free.

If a new movie or TV show is not available on Starz (to which I subscribe) I could watch it on Comcast OnDemand HD for a fee. But as of this week I would prefer to watch it on Amazon HD VOD. It has the same HD video quality and averages a dollar cheaper. I may never wath Comcast OnDemand HD again.


I don't see how this is going to interfere with Netflix. Doesn't Comcast have a "fair use policy" where they limit how much bandwidth you can use? Trust me, it should be called an un-fair use policy. We are under one too and cannot stream anything (Hughesnet). Comcasts usage allowance is higher, but its not that high.

Edward R Murrow

Uh, Comcast's http://www.fancast.com/ already competes on even footing with Netflix streaming. Fancast is the trump card for Comcast which will prevent Netflix from *EVER* charging for the Watch Now service.


For my media entertainment consumption, a comparison of Comcast vs. Netflix is irrelevant. I subscribe to Comcast out of neccessity of my home location and only then at the low tier of Extended Basic for specific sports channels that are unavailable Free-To-Air. As required by franchise agreements, Comcast does push down the local network broadcaster's DTV signals so I get 6 full-HD channels (1080i or 720p) with no additional cost. I wouldn't mind getting FSN & Altitude Sports Entertainment (Denver Nuggets/Avalanche) in HD but there's now way I'll pay the up-charge to go Digital Cable + HD package just to get that so Standard Def works for me. Cable movie channels? Forget about it - I've already seen them on DVD.

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