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The media Netflix application won't let me log-in. Hmmmm......


Looks better than the Roku menu.


I would rather have HD support.


I kinda wish this would work on my XP MCE computer....


Why is it that they neglect the Extenders. Seems like they want these devices to fail.


From the Green Button:

"While the feature does not work over a Media Center Extender, a Netflix solution already exists for the XBox 360 with an XBox Live Gold-level membership."

Microsoft SUCKS!

They are the reason for the extender fallout!

If it does not work on an extender then why have it. If I am at my computer, why startup media center to watch Netflix when I can open a browser to do the same thing.

OMG how stupid are they?


TRUE! Sucks you have to buy a ROKU in order to do what an Extender should do.


Already have the ROKU, it has great support, unlike MS support for extenders.

I might just buy another one when my XBox Gold Live Expires. Either that or PlayOn.


Clearly I don't understand what this is....? How is this any different/better than watching videos thru the Netflix site itself?

Someone please enlighten me....?


I should have guessed that they wouldn't want to loose any gold subscriptions by allowing this on extenders.
Now if I could manage my Netflix que with the current Xbox solution I wouldn't care either way. Though I'm sure that subscribers that have gold membership only to stream Netflix would continue to care very much.


A major issue I have with it is that the queues max out at displaying the first 200 items. I've added tons to my Watch Now queue to use it as an on demand source later on. With this I get about half my selection. Who's brilliant idea was it to make the cut off number lower than half the allowed queue length?


@ K
It allows people with media pc's (which are connected to your tv like tivo) to browse and view using a remote control instead of using their browser, keyboard, and mouse.


I personally think it's awesome that this application has finally become a reality. I've used it and it works very well.

I've used a couple of the alternative plug-ins for media center and always had problems. Most of the problems had to do with the fact that any change to Netflix' site would break the app, so to have an officially supported application is great.


@Chris (thank you).


Sucks on the extender support. However my guess is it has something to do with licensing and contracts. Companies are very particular about how media is delivered digitally to computers. It would not surprise me if it is more of a legal obsticle than a technical or simple business.

dish network

K: exactly, allows you to use your remote control.


Crashes media center every single time I hit play on a movie. Vista x64


They say it's suppose to be in media center
already, but for me it's nowhere to be seen.
Anybody know why I'm not seeing it?


Has anyone able to do this? I have Vista Home Premium but don't see "Watch Now" under TV + Movies. I have downloaded all the Microsoft updates but still don't see it anywhere in Media Center.


For those having problems, check out this Microsoft Community posting, following the link and install the components indicated. Worked great for me!


Jim Miller

To get the netflix add-on, use your browsert find it. It will then be an addon for media center. Also, you don't have to be a gold member to use it. If you already have a netflix account to order their movies through the mail or have one to use the regular netflix website, you can use that same account to log into the media center netflix also.And...I managed to find a way to get it to work with XP MCE....LOL


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