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Darkon. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room. The Devil and Daniel Johnston, Rize, Maxed Out, Jonestown The Life and Death of Peoples Temple, The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, The King of Kong, The Filth and The Fury, This Film Has Not Been Rated, Spellbound, Rock School, American Movie, Stagedoor, DiG!, Trekkies, Devil's Playground, American Teen, The Weather Underground, Sketches of Frank Gehry, The Fog of War, New York Doll, Dogtown and Z-Boys, and Murderball.

And that's just the ones I've rated 4 or 5 stars


"I like Killing Flies"
is my favorite. I've seen it 4-5 times. I'm big into docs, and I could go on, but I don't want to burry this one in a long list of movies you already know about.

It's on instant viewing and isn't very long for a feature length doc, so please have at it.

Tom Husband

"Stranded: I've Come From a Plane..." is certainly the best one recently.


"this film is not yet rated" is the reason i switched to netflix from blockbuster.


Yeah... recently watched both King Corn and Man On A Wire, both via Watch Instantly. Probably never would have rented 'em otherwise, and both were excellent documentaries. And I'd recommend King Corn. :)


Dear Zachary is guaranteed to make anyone who watches shed a tear... Although i recommend not reading the movie description, as its better to be surprised bt the twists that come along. All i'll say is it involves a murder.


Documentaries were a big reason why I got Netflix, and IW makes it easy to find great ones. Check out instant offerings from PBS like "Carrier" and the Ken Burns films "Unforgivable Blackness" and "Horatio's Drive."

I also loved "Shut Up And Sing" and was mesmerized by the real-life drama of Michael Apted's "Seven Up" series that follows a group of English children every seven years from age 7 to 49. (Note: the 2nd and 3rd installments of this series are not on IW, so be sure to order the DVD's first, because you won't want to wait to see what happens next!)


Some great movies already mentioned. Here's a few that I liked a lot: "The Staircase" (really a mini-series, but addictive), "Overnight," "Off the Charts," "Inside Deep Throat," "Atlantic Records," "After Innocence," "Brother's Keeper," "The Hobart Shakespeareans," "Bukowski: Born into this," "Touching the Void," "God Grew Tired of Us," "Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life," "Young @ heart," "Waco: The Rules of Engagement," "Little Dieter needs to Fly," "Margot," "Z channel," "The Loss of Nameless Things," "Cinemania," "A touch of Greatness," "In the Shadow of the Moon," "Nobody Listened" and one of my favorites, "Tom Dowd and the Language of Music."


I'm shocked that nobody has mentioned "Protagonist" which is the best documentary ever filmed and worth MUCH more than the 2 1/2 stars it received. See it for sure.


Netflix IS really good for documentaries. Other than "Fahrenheit 911", I hadn't seen any Docs. Since getting it, I've seen quite a few. This Film is Not Yet Rated was very good along with Jesus Camp and This Divided State.

I likely would not have seen any of these had it not been for Netflix.


My fave docs: The King of Kong, Who Killed the Electric Car? and Small Town Gay Bar. Lots of others I enjoyed, too.


"In the Shadow of the Moon" is an amazing doc about the space program. also "Street Fight" is an interesting look into local politics.


A few that haven't been listed: Capturing the Friedmans, Paradise Lost, The Thin Blue Line, Murder on a Sunday Morning, Crazy Love, Mr Death, Stalingrad, Trembling before G-d, Trekkies, Billy the Kid.


We LOVE Documentaries..... here are some very special ones to see..........
Lubbock Lights, Heavy Petting, The Same River Twice (a MUST see), The Real Dirt on Farmer John, Smothered, Grass - a nation's battle for life (filmed in 1925)(you have to see it to believe it !!), Monumental, A/K/A Tommy Chong (great doc !), The Journey to Palomar, Aftermath (&) Life After People, and last but not least, Wrangler -- waaaay better than you think it will be. (yup, it is the gay porn guy, but tuns into an amazing wonderful story !) (plus, i also have to mention the Protagonist , our favorite this year !).


"Word Wars"...brilliant documentary about competitive Scrabble players...even better than the quite good "Wordplay" (crossword puzzle competitors)

"Little Dieter Needs to Fly"...the Werner Herzog doc that inspired "Rescue Dawn".

John Eremic

Helvetica. It's on instant, and it's worth it.


I'm with erik -- Dear Zachary is one of the best documentaries I've seen in a while.


I saw Dear Zachary thanks to a thread on SA. It crushed my life. :( Great film.


There's this Norwegian "Grizzly Man" doing some weird expeditions turned documentaries. The Cruellest Journey and The Impossible River Journey.

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