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Wow! If I used Netflix' DVDs to build a bridge (Not a very structurally sound one), it would span over a quarter of the earth's equatorial circumference. I think.


I wonder if this replaces the existing one in Columbus near the main post office or augments that one. It's only about 8 miles as the crow flies from the main post office to Grove City. My bet is on replacement.


@CMHDave, it looks to be in addition to the facility already here in columbus. It is replacing their national distribution center that was located in california. See http://columbus.bizjournals.com/columbus/stories/2008/11/03/story13.html for a little more info.

Austin K.

I know this may not be related to this topic, but i just logged into netflix and all the instant movies are unavailable. There are just a handful that are available and also Netflix has put them as "unknown" in the queue as to when they would be available. I just thought the author of hackingnetflix.com should know because I assume others are experiencing this also.


I'm also having issues with my instant watch queue. When I logged it, it had new terms of use to agree to.

Austin K.

ok it's back online now and working fine. I guess it was a short outage of some sort.


Not back for me.

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Under Article IV of the Constitution, which outlines the relationship between the states,

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