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i love the top 50 list. it the only thing to find out what hot and what not

bring it back


I wonder if "Super High Me" making it to #1 had anything to do with it.


Why remove valuable content? I found this list very useful. The streaming directories are cluttered with obscure flicks that I am not interested in.


I never even knew it existed.


You know, why can't they just keep things easy. I would like to know whats good out there. I'm sick and tired of this. I have to seriously consider my Netflix account now.


I wish more companies kept a clean site like Netflix does. I hate overdone sites that are clunky.


I use the instantwatcher site anyway. Organized better, more details are shown and more ways of sorting:



I have found the instantwatcher.com to be helpful but not always accurate. Currently, it shows "National Lampoon's Animal House" as being available for Instant watching but when I log into Netflix the only option for the title I get is DVD.
Seriously, I need to purge the mutilated version shown incessantly on cable and restore my memory of the movie back to its original format & content. It would be nice to use my Roku for that purpose.


i think the site needs little more detail and more good browsers to find movie. i go on different website to find out what good to watch. i through netflix it good site but not good to know what to watch.

i think they do more with the site like movies.com,imdb, rottentomotoes.com and other movies site

need more improve


I think whats really happening is that netflix is trying to cut costs. I presume that the more popular titles may be on a per view licensing agreement and the top 50 lists causes these titles to be viewed more often. I also think that is why they removed the the weekly release schedule in list format a while back.


I liked the top 50 instant watch list and I don't know why the removed it. I used it on a weekly basis to see what other people were watching. Please bring back this list.



"I'm sick and tired of this. I have to seriously consider my Netflix account now."

You want some cheese with that whine?? If them removing this list is enough for you to cancel your account then I think your ridiculous.


i think they may be trying to focus more on their new recomendation system. to help people find movies that better fit their tastes.

when i look at the netflix top 100, it's not a way to find the best movies, as much as it's a system that keeps the same movies in that list month after month forever.

streaming is a little different due to the lower selection, but they have enough features to find the good movies w/o a top 50.


i used it every time i got on. the recommendation system hasn't impressed me yet. it was a convenient way to find the best movies on netflix.


I used it all the time as well. There is so much crap on instant watching or titles are buried, it is nice to have a list that cuts through all the junk.

I recommend twittering them and face booking them to tell them you want it back. I mean seriously... it's one link. How much was it really cludging up the site?

If they want to remove something remove the top 100 for dvd's, now that's something I've never used. Or "Movies You'll Love" which is near worthless!




Doesn't have a Top 50 List, but does allow a lot of sorting, and search ability. Also prompts you on the absolute newest stuff added (When the Netflix RSS fails you):

Netflix Instant Watch Tracker


### "I liked the top 50 instant watch list and I don't know why the removed it."

They explained why. Are you stupid?

I went to the list a few times, but it never seemed to change very quickly.


I loved the top 50 instant watch list. I checked it often and I did notice when it disappeared. Lame.


I used Top 50 all the time. Please bring it back!


"The list got very little use (EXCEPT FOR A CORE GROUP OF PEOPLE THAT ARE UNPROFITABLE FOR THE COMPANY NETFLIX BECAUSE WE DON'T CHARGE ANYTHING EXTRA FOR STREAMING) and we strive for a clean simple site, so we removed it."

There, fixed their quote.


Instead of removing the top 50 list they should have removed all the crap movies that are available on streaming...oh wait that means they'd have to remove streaming all together.


They got rid of the top 50 list because services like 'Play On' and non approved Netflix services were using/depending it to make money. Shame on Netflix for taking away great features like this because another company has the ingenuity to provide services that Netflix doesn't provide, and make money on it.


The new releases for the week in list form is still available here:

Netflix just doesn't have any links pointing to the page.


I used the list every time I logged in as well, and definitely miss it. I watch far more instantly than via dvds in the mail.

I Smell A Rat

I used the top 50 to see which movies were popular. It is an easy way to see the most recent additions since recent additions were usually in the top 50. I can't believe that it was not used and suspect some shady backroom decision to delete the option.

Gamer Grrlz

I too loved and constantly used the Top 50 list. Methinks they really removed it because people weren't exploring and watching all the other crap, 'cause they could just check the Top 50 list for the best stuff.


why netflix why?!


Please bring this back.


i used it every time i got on. and providing my own information through my 1-800-seo-tools.com

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