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Ben L

The Onion has outdone themselves this time.


I don't understand how it works. Is there a limit on how many photos you can view? When are they due back? Are there late fees? I'm not sure I look at enough photos to make it really worthwhile. I've heard they punish people who look at too many photos.


I got the 6 at a time membership!!!


Yeah, what about throttling members usage? I plan to cycle through my envelopes as quick as possible and just use my computer's scanner/printer to "save" off the photos that I want to view later. Also, do these photos have embedded DRM? I would like to share them with "some friends" using pixtorrent.


Asking how to pirate sweet photographs here, or anywhere else, is bad form. It's also a quick way to get banned, so to dAVe (if that's even your real name) don't ask again. This will be the only warning.

And thus, this thread is now locked.


I wonder how long until USA Today or Time comes up with a competing service? This is going to really hurt newspaper sales.

Plus, I hear pictures-on-demand is going to be taking off pretty soon. Will Netpix be able to stream to my Xbox 360 sometime in the future?


This post is hilarious, including all of the comments.

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