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That’s a very good deal but IMO the newer DVR’s are still pretty far ahead of Tivo.


I would be very interested in buying the TIVO HD box but I'm not paying a monthly (or lifetime) subscription just to get the box to work. I learned how to program timer recordings back in the old VCR days. Also, they need to build DVD/BD burners into the appliance so I can transfer recordings off the HDD. I don't ask for much but I already own 2 DVDR boxes that do this in Standard Def. I just looking for the next step up to HDTV recording without requiring a Program Guide Bulls#@t or monthly added expense.


Has anyone had a a problem with getting this promo to work. Ive spent the last 2 days trying to get Tivo csr to honor the agreement that I would get 6 months of netflix free with the purchase of the box. When you go to the website that is supposed to generate the code for nexflix redemption, it doesn't work and says my box's serial number is invalid for this promotion. I have talked to various tech support & csr's and they all seem clueless and just want to blame the problem on netflix, even though the problem is on a tivo website & has nothing to do with netflix. Even when I threatened to cancel, they just kept making excuses saying there was nothing they could do. They finally said they would credit my account for the amount of 6 months worth of netflix....maybe. They say the credit wont show up for two weeks, but may not even go through since they aren't supposed to offer credit like that & the credit may be blocked. I think this is bs. Just wondering if anyone else has encountered the problem when they go to tivo.com/6monthcode I get an error message when I put in the serial # of the box which says "Sorry, this DVR does not qualify. Check to make sure you entered the correct TiVo Service Number for this Tivo box.
I am sure it is the right number Im putting in, and tech support also tried to enter it & couldn't get it to work. I notice when I scroll over the submit button, it says javascript:void(0) so that seems to imply that the web page is not working right. Still they wont do anything except say maybe they might refund the 6 month fee. I dont want to wait two weeks before activating netflix to see if i get it. The csr' and tech support seem pretty clueless


"The csr' and tech support seem pretty clueless"

Well there's a shocker.


couuldn't get it to work

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