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Dr. Who. Lots of it.


Just finished streaming Serenity.

brian w

I Capture the Castle, which has been out of print on DVD for a while and recently showed up in my streaming queue. It's a period piece starring Bill Nighy, Rose Byrne, and Romola Garai.


Dear Zachary, Law and Order: SVU, and Jericho.


Clint Eastwood's "The Eiger Sanction" (surprisingly have never seen it) and the "Nurse Jackie" preview.


I'm watching Woody Allen. He's trying to ditch. Soon ye will be missing him, the 14th of June to be exact.

Stardust Memories
Crimes and Misdemeanors
Shadows and Fog


I just watched Micki & Maude, the Blake Edwards/Dudley Moore comedy from the 80's.


I just watched Let the Right One In -- AMAZING. And the Watch Now version has the right subtitles on it, too! Yay!


Thanks Kam for pointing that out. I have a lot of Allen in my instant que.


Nothing. My damn Series3 TivoHD sputtered when trying to stream Constant Garnder.


Tripping the Rift. I've been in the mood for some crude humor lately, and this show really pushes the envelope for something that was on basic cable. Funny stuff if you like toilet humor in a sci-fi setting.


Nothing. I have limits on bandwidth.


This week I watched Nurse Jackie: Premiere Episode (Excellent), and I will continue watching Sweet Evil tomorrow (Interesting thus far... love the cast).

Hector R.

Sadly, nothing as I just cancelled my Netflix subscription along with dozens of other Puerto Ricans. I've been a client for 8 years and had to cancel because they are blocking me from streaming movies because I live in Puerto Rico.

I get charged the same full price and receive discs in the mail, but no streaming.

Please spread the word:

James B

Star Trek, Season one - in glorious HD (roku -> plasma).

I sure hope they add more HD content. Surprisingly, the SD content looks pretty good as well on an HD set.


Party Down Season 1. The best thing to come out of Starz Play package yet.


Stanley Cup Playoffs :)


I watched some of the nickelodeon shows lol... Wizards of Waverly, and the just released Jonas show which is fairly decent...

Then i watched Desert Blue (a fun indie) and Chain of Fools (kinda meh, but worth the watch)

Too bad about Puerto Rico... Thats pretty lame... Should just become a state...


Nothing until we get subtitles or CC.


I just finished watching Star Trek Season 1, and I agree with James... it was awesome. I then watched Little Shop of Horrors, which surprisingly had a terrible picture, even with the fastest load time.

Alien Apocalypse followed that, and the picture was okay.


I watched "Let the Right One In", Definately a recommended flick, even for those who need closed-captioning (it's subtitled). Watch the original before the US version comes out.


Chant of Billie Blacksmith


I don't care much for the quality of streams from Starz. I do want more offerings with the HD designation.


I missed out on Dexter the first time around, so I'm happy to see it back on IW. I watched the first two eps last night...pretty cool.

Also, This American Life with Ira Glass is back on IW, and I highly recommend it.


I just wish that they would stream everything in the correct aspect ratio there are alot of fullscreen transfers they are streaming like the Terminator and it sucks.


I only got Netflix for the XBox 360 streaming (why wait for a DVD in the mail?) and happily streamed Meerkat Manor: S2 and Goodfellas.


The Great Outdoors
Men In Black


@Meg: thanks for mentioning Let the Right One In. A visit to the Netflix movie page showed it is similar to 7 movies that rated 5 stars!


It was nice seeing the list of movies added to streaming. I had not noticed Hancock was added.

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