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Doing my best to track them for a year now.


I started seeing this about a month ago, and so far the predictions are accurate. It's nice, as I hate it when I get a disc and then the movie comes to Instant Watching the next week!


It still doesn't handle series that aren't all available on streaming. For instance, I have An Evening with Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder in my queue, and if I wasn't vigilant enough, I'd add it to my watch instant queue and remove it from my disc queue, because there's absolutely no indication that disc 2 isn't streamable. In fact, please somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but the only way to see that is to search for the same title on the watch instant page, which is really annoying.


It's disgusting that Netflix continues to use Microsoft's ultra low quality Silverblight garbage.

"The Big Silver Lie Lives on"

"On Silverlight bribing its way into case studies and more potential deception about openness"



disgusting? lol

calm down. Life is tough isn't it?


Microsoft and it's Silverblight web plague are evil !!!

"Food for Thought: How Proprietary Silverlight and OOXML Stifle or Eliminate Open Access"



I noticed this about 2 weeks ago. The only thing that bothers me is that if the movie is in my DVD queue Netflix automatically puts the movie in my streaming queue. If I wanted the movie in my streaming queue I'd put there myself.



Think of the children!!!!!!

Maybe you should boycott something that actually effects peoples lives. If you don't like silverlight then don't use it! Use an xbox or roku!


@Blah - People should complain about low quality abusive products.

"Stand Up Against Silverlight, Microsoft’s Anti-competitive Weapon"

"If a broadcaster that affects you uses Silverlight, you should protest"


Also, the Xbox is garbage too.

"Zune and Xbox Still Circling Down the Drain After Long Downtime"

"Microsoft’s latest case study in technological incompetence"

“The Xbox exodus is a real ongoing problem and the same goes for Zune as well.”



the fisher king comes july 3rd. the elephant man and gigantic are coming soon. that's what i got in my queue.



walk outside...breath. There is other things in life to worry about far more than "disgusting" silverlight.


Wow, out of approximately 500 titles in my queue, I have exactly 2 'Coming Soon' titles.

Next they need to list the expiration date for all the titles in the Instant Queue instead of those just nearing expiration.


FeedFlicks (formerly FeedFlix) does this for you actually. Which means it's all in the API somewhere, so yes they should. In the meantime though, Feedflix!

Dude, at least find a new website. I'm guessing that after Novell tanked, that dude needed to find a new target? And for the love of god, come up with your own Ideas, rather than quoting people. But, perhaps you just have a google notify set up for "Netflix."



"abusive" ... drama queen?

"Also, the Xbox is garbage too" ... what about the Roku? Keep in mind these things all stream from the same location.

Bottom line .. if you don't like it don't use it. You won't convince me of anything. I've been more then happy with their service and quality over the xbox. I'm more then willing to give Netflix my $9/month rather then pay Comcast for their cable service.


Good feature. Glad they finally made this...

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