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Big A

i have been waiting for quite a while for this. i don't want a ruku!


CyberPhoenix - I'm getting complaints, so cut back on the posts or I'll have to block you from posting. - Mike


Can you ban this manually operated spam bot?


Yeah, I'm pretty tired of reading that CyberPhoenix spam.

So to counter:
I love Microsoft. Everybody should buy an Xbox. Silverlight is the best invention ever. I hope they put every other company out of business.

Oh, and I'd be interested in the disk for the Wii too.


Make it for the wii and ps3 come on!!


How long have we been seeing these surveys? Just because something is in a survey, doesn't mean that it's close to happening or going to even happen in the first place. Remember the whole "HBO on Netflix" thing?




I would definitely be interested. I've been waiting to make more use of my Wii, and this would be perfect. The only time I really stream is when I'm working on a project and I have two computers on my desk.

If I could watch streams on my couch though via my Wii (w/o having to plop down more money for a dedicated device like the Roku), then I would be all over that. I would have paid the $10 too.


I would buy a wii for this




I have the Roku player and a Wii.

I'm interested in streaming on the Wii.

I could put the Roku on another TV.

Only problem is that the Wii with the "better" cables is 480i (what ever is the better upgrade)but the Roku is 720 and possibly 5.1 Dolby in the future.


I'd be interested


I own an xbox, and although I don't like dropping $50/year to get Gold, I don't htink that I'd switch to the Wii (which my fiancee owns) full time, mostly just because I'm likely to lose the dang disc. There's something nice about full integration.

That being said, the more devices Netflix IW is on the better for everyone (more butts in the seats=more revenue for streaming.) Also, evne if i didn't switch to the wii full time (after all, the xbox is the one hooked up Component video and optical audio.) It'd be nice to have the option too, should my xbox choose to RRoD. Also, I (currently living at home) share my Netflix with my siblings, so this would allow them to keep using it from time to time (as they also own a wii) So while I personally wouldn't switch, I'm 110% for this.

Katie Jane

Count me in little doggies! I just got a Wii for my anniversary present from my husband so please Netflix, pretty please with a cherry on top? Bring it to all us Wii fans! Yes I have a 360 too, but I like using new stuff whenever it comes out.




Great idea Netflix! You might even be able to skip the DVD shipping costs if you can get Nintendo to offer it up as a free download on the Wii Shopping channel (it's a win-win since this would be another reason to buy a Wii). I'm a Wii owner and would be all over this (much simpler than attaching the laptop to the plasma every time).


Wii doesn't have HD...not sure it's even powerful enough to play a dvd.


i'm running play-on's media server and streaming to my d-link media player - works great (as long as the pc doesn't get too bogged down) BUT fast forward and rewind don't work for anything. You can pause for hours, but don't try to go back or forward! If the Wii software could do that without locking up, I'd be all over that!


yes. and i'd pay 20 dollars for such a disc.


fo shizzle!


Yes!!! Wii and/or PS3 too.


Netflix via Wii would be terrific. We have the Wii downstairs, and a Roku upstairs. After initially using the Roku a lot, I find that we just don't use it as much. The kids use it for Disney series, like Hannah Montana. So the ability to stream from a different source would be great, but not earth-shattering.

What I'd really prefer is for Wii to support (native) Flash 9 and Silverlight, so that NetFlix, Hulu, and others would all run on the Wii.

As far as the NetFlix required disk, I'd prefer if we could get it in cartridge format, so that we could plug it in and then always available. I'd pay a few $$$ for it.


the only thing i see wrong with this is FREE i have an xbox 360 and do not play online so if i use netflix i have to pay an additional fee to use netflix streaming if there going to bring it for free to other game systems they could at least make it so i can use this on my silver account so i dont have to pay twice to use my full netflix account


@a: the Wii is powerful enough to play DVD, as evidenced by the homebrew apps that have enabled the ability to do so. As for HD: since most of (or all of?) Netflix's streaming content is in SD, why would HD matter?

I, for one, would absolutely love this feature. The primary reason I don't use Watch Instantly now is that I don't really have my computer set up in a way that makes it comfortable to watch more than short clips on it. If I could stream Netflix through my TV via a device I already own, I'd be pretty darn happy.

Walt D in LV

Yes, I would use it.
I do, however, realize that the Wii is not nearly as powerful as the xBox 360 nor the Roku, so in the future, movies will not look or sound as good, but for today's standards, the Wii will do fine. And maybe "Wii Too" will be out by then.

Walt D in LV


I think its a great idea... I don't have a WII yet, but this would help me make the choice to buy one... currently on the fence...


Yes for sure would love to have this on the wii in the kids room!



I already have 3 XBMC platforms (running on repurposed XBOX first generation boxes). They all connect to "PlayOn" on my media server. Result? Netfix and Hulu on three systems.

Wii is not HD, while XBMC on XBOX can do 720

The math:

3 XBMC systems + Playon = About $160.00


1 RoKu = $100


Wii = $250.00

Not a tough decision.


YESSSS! I have a Wii and I would LOVE for this to happen!


Much like the Xbox/PS3/ $5/$10 disc, I think this may be a hoax. Ask the obvious question, why would Netflix need to send a disc out when they could just use a downloadable application?


Absofrackinglutely. I would definitely use it. I don't like having to hook up the laptop to the flat screen to enjoy movies via streaming.

The faster they do it, the better as far as I'm concerned.


Would be able to finally get some use out of the Wii we spent a fortune on a few years ago. Now if they would just release it for the iPhone......


Please make it sooo, use the WII.


Would be an amazing addition to the Netflix community in my opinion. Yes please!

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