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Well, that's definite confirmation that the genre selections are customized to the user as his were different than mine. Unless they are just random....

There are some advantages to that but it does make the possibility of a happy, accidental discovery in an atypical category lower. Some of my favorite movies are form atypical categories!

{Right now Parties are mostly a miss- only 1 of my friends has the update so far and he is in a different time zone. Once it rolls out to everyone it will be different.}


Interesting, if true. I figured the genre stuff was a random subset, maybe top 'rentals' or whatever. Hm.

I don't imagine I'll ever be using parties. Mike, when you get your update let's try a party. Add me as a friend. :)


After playing around with the new update a bit more, it seems like Netflix streams a whole heck of a lot faster.

When you rewind or fast forward a streaming video, you no longer have to wait for it to re-buffer (or at least I had to), it instantly plays.

Don't know if this makes a difference, but I used to only get 3 bars on HD movies, now I'm getting 4. I haven't upgraded my DSL service either.


Out of curiosity, can you do parties only with other Netflix subscribers? or can anyone join in your Netflix party?

Someone definitely needs to get some kind of weekly or monthly movie clubs together. Watch the movies and chat about them afterwards.


I think the entire update is quite lame. There is no reason they couldn't have just updated the Netflix app on its own. There are still streaming issues with Netflix as well. I've got a 20mb connection and still have problems with Netflix streaming. Being able to browse is a great addition but there needs to be a search. What is the point if I still have to open up my laptop to search if the movie is even available for streaming or not.

Not impressed.


My streaming is much faster, too. And it resumes from FF/Rew instantly. I hadn't really noticed that until I read the comment above.

I hope it is not a product of the few people who have the update and that it doesn't go away once the update goes Live wide. {i.e. it uses a new streaming method that has its own dedicated servers which are splitting their load among the relatively few people currently with the update.)

Search and Sorting are definitely needed. I'd rather have sorting than search, though. It is so much easier to search on my PC when I need to search. Entering text, etc.

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