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That's too bad... recycling paper is a terrible idea.


@ Andy,

Oh I dunno, sure on a macro scale of collecting it from everyone via trucks driving around it's probably pretty wasteful. But if you can pick up literally tons of paper from a single place, it's not that aweful. Certainly recycled paper isn't a great idea for things like legal documents (or any other long storage thing) but for things like more netflix envelopes and paper tray liners it's perfect.


But when I look at them, I think, why not figure out a way to re-use them a couple times a piece. Sure, the current design isn't conducive to that, but the floppy DVD holders you put inside the envelope are very reusable, so why not emulate that idea?

I'm sure they've run the numbers to see which is more cost effective for them though. At least they're recycling everything, that's all that matters.


Does thems recyles?


I say just burn them.


I wonder just how efficiently the recycling goes since glue (the sticky flap) ruins paper for recycling.


Of course they recycle! Do you realize how much more it costs to throw something away then recycle it?

At tat volume they would be out of their minds to not recycle.


@JDoors: That's exactly what I was thinking. Pressure-sensitive adhesives are murder on recycling equipment (and the photo shows that they don't chop off the sticky flap).

On the other hand, they may be using special recycling-compatible adhesives that are designed to degrade into large chunks, so that they can be easily filtered out of the pulp. Recall, also, that they now inkjet-print the addresses, including the return address. So it may be that the envelopes are more recycling-friendly than they appear at first glance.


Note that Netflix envelopes are made out of Tyvek, which would seem to indicate that individual consumers can recycle unused envelopes in their municipal recycling programs:


shredding Dallas

This is such a waste and this is what we need to avoid. Paper and other kinds of paper products such as cardboard can be used in so many ways and that includes creating artwork with it.
Nowadays, we all have to chip in and do whatever it is that we can regarding waste management. Envelopes as well as printing paper and other kinds of paper products can be shredded, reused or recycled - in this way, we can still save copies of our important files but it is not being wasteful.

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