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Knowing that the employees check for customer comments, I'm gonna start sending a joke of the day to them. Hopefully they like that. :)


Stumbled my shipping center! Thanks for dazed and confused yesterday, just in time lol

Josh Wooding

JUST got done watching Into the Wild (GREAT movie!) from Netflix and when i hit the Stumble Upon button it brought me here. VERY interesting!! I'm going to start writing notes also! Thanks for posting this article!


I once worked at a Netflix distribution center. Not this one, but after you've seen what I've seen it doesn't really matter much which one you were put through. You see, I used to be like you. Thought the world could never harm me the way it harmed Dakota Fanning or Eddie Murphy after so many years of fat suits. Thought the world was my oyster, but boy was I wrong. See, Netflix wants you to believe that you get to keep that copy of No Country For Old Men as long as you like. But the truth is that the second you turn your back, they have your balls in a vicegrip like a hobo on a ham sandwich. And as long as you just patrons of American "justice" keep sucking on that golden teet, Netflix will be there to ruin your day. Be wary, my stalwart friends, and stay strong.


that's really good pic but we need more and largest pic .that' is wonderful pic

jonathan rall

actually looks like a very efficient center, especially the lighting. probably a T8 or T5 system.


This has happend to me too. I get my DVD's from the Harrisburg, PA center. I dropped a DVD in the mail in Ocean City, MD, wich usually takes about 2 days before you recive it in Harrisburg. But The next day I was shipped another DVD. I wonder if they have some kind of agreement with the Postal service that they have some kind of computer link between Netflix and the postal service. So when a Netflix envolope is proccessed though any US postal service distribution center, neflix is made aware of it.


Wow, I didn't realize they checked for customer notes so much.
I might just start sending random notes with my discs back!

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I'm a longtime Netflix customer and really enjoyed the article and all the Netflix worker answers here. Thanks.


Thank you for posting this! Thanks for all the great pictures. I always wanted to know how the inside of a distribution center worked. Awesome. ^-^ I figured it had to be quite well organized simply due to the massive volume of discs that this company handles. It is impressing with how quick their DVD turnaround is.

Definitely makes me want to include random notes to a random person every once in a while now though lol.

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How did you get the physical address or phone number? I'm trying to get in contact with the DC's in Columbia, SC, Worcester, MA, and New Brunswick, NJ and am having no luck...

Ken Ashton

I just want to know if you use recycled paper to make the envelopes.


how does netflix know the movie returned is mine?

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