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"What was missing from this announcement? The PS3, due to an exclusive deal with Microsoft for the Xbox 360."{{cn}}


Now what's truely missing is a return/addition of Sony studios things to IW.


I was surprised to see this happen considering Sony's stake in Sony Pictures/Columbia....I believe there was a past announcement indicating they were going to stream content from SonyPictures to Bravia televisions, seems like a bit of a conflict of interest...anyways, its nice to see that the wiser decision was made to offer consumers content from all studios by partnering with Netflix.

Edward R Murrow

Doesn't matter whether Netflix can stream to 7 or 70 devices - content is king. IMHO, all Netflix is streaming now is crap and not worth watching.

I'll be shocked if the studios ever allow Netflix to stream the studio's best content.


"...all Netflix is streaming now is crap and not worth watching."

I'm glad I don't share your honest opinion. I consistently find quality content on Netflix IW that I might have missed otherwise. My Roku is easily the best value in my entertainment center. My friends and family almost always check the Roku before Cable, and before turning on the Wii, PS3 or DVD Player.


I forgot to mention (on topic) that I own an older Sony Bravia LCD that is compatible with the Bravia Internet Video Link. If anyone wants an example of an overpriced web video option with notoriously underwhelming content (so far), the reviews suggest the Bravia Internet Video Link is it.


I'll be shocked if the studios ever allow Netflix to stream the studio's best content.

How many volts would you like?

Content is fine, quality is fine for people that do more than sit around, watch movies and complain that they have seen everything.

My guess is that if streaming was available for first run theatre movies, you would complain about Netfilx not having it before it is available in theates.


No Problema - I have had two PS3's and two Roku boxes hooked up to my two big screen HD LCD TVs for about a year now. They're on HDMI 2 and 3 ports (cable box is on port 1). No interest in having a Netflix player built into the TV.


I have mixed feelings about TV's plugging straight into the internet. I'd hate to have a DSN (denial of service) attack screw up my TV watching and instead have all channels show a loop of infomerials. Or be watching a program and get the Blue Screen of Death. I can see it now...
"The following TV program you want to watch requires you to upgrade to Flash 1000 but your CPU/Memory can not support it. Please upgrade your system."

Facebook Developers

Sony is no doubt well going company today in every product. Nice info!

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 Muse Sony Bravia

I just don't get it! Why would both companies agree to this as I see no benefit to it. Sony Bravia sites don't mention this and maybe thats why. Who knows.

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