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Looks ridiculous - and the dumbing down continues...


And they still didn't add Watch Instantly for secondary queues. Lame.


Looks very Web 1.0 circa 1998.


Nice, I bet this new way works from both the PS3 browser and my mobile phone.


This is a nice addition for smart phones and other devices without mice as those devices can't really "hover" the mouse over the buttons like you can on a computer.


It looks ugly.


Thank god! It's not the prettiest thing they could have put together, but this will be a vast improvement when I have to use Netflix.com on my iPhone, and I must admit that the hover-to-get-to-add was a pain sometimes if you overshoot the button causing it disappeared. I don't care whether they make it look nicer, but it wouldn't be horrible to integrate the buttons a little to improve the look-n-feel. This is a GREAT UI enhancement for what I do with the site.


With all the comments on this looking outdated (although the mobile users seem okay with it), for those who don't like the look, which site does this correctly as an example to show Netflix?

One thing they could add would be an addition (maybe a pullout when you hover your mouse) for the "ADD ALL" to add individual discs. Too often there isn't room in my queue to add all discs, but I could add the first disc and then add additional later. Currently you have to go into the detail page to add a single disc.


Great Idea - there are a lot of us out there that gave up on playing IW titles on a computer years ago, and instead use Roku players. To us, "Play" means on the Roku box, not the computer.


Not the best-looking change, sure, but I'll take functionality over looks any day of the week. It's nice to see the "play" and "add" buttons readily available and clearly separated.


Big improvement, makes functions very clear.


I like the split-button look of the old design. They should have just added a third split, possibly over/under. Functionally it's identical to the three buttons above, but it'd look so much better IMO.

And they should put Add All to Queue on the bottom - start emphasizing Streaming).

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